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The resistance starch in Makki ki Roti as a dietary fibre helps in weight control and therefore may help in controlling weight.. more at here

Ingredients for recipe:

Maize flour – 2 cup
Wheat flour – 1/2 cup
Green coriander – 3 tbsp (chopped )
Ghee – 2 tbsp
Salt – 3/4 tsp or to taste
Oil – 1 tsp

How to make Makki di Roti

Take maize flour in a bowl, add wheat flour, chopped green coriander, salt, oil, mix all well. Make soft dough by using lukewarm water. Squash it for 3 / 4 minutes. Cover and keep dough aside for 20 minutes to set. To knead this dough 1 tsp less than 1 cup water is used.

After 10 minutes, grease hands with ghee, squash dough again for 2 minutes. Break dough lump from the dough. Make dough ball. Press and coat in dry flour. Dry flour used is of wheat flour. Expand the dough ball with fingers, Coat in dry flour. Remove excess flour. Roll out the roti lightly with less pressure, keep roti thick.

Meanwhile put the tawa to heat. Lift the roti and pat with hands, put to roast. Meanwhile make the next roti likewise. Once dark from above and roasted from beneath, flip it.

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