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Nutraceuticals market in Asia Pacific would showcase high growth during the forecast period. Rising health consciousness among the Asia-Pacific countries is urging the manufacturers of functional foods to meet the transforming demand of growing nutrition. Manufacturers are introducing functional fortified foods for specific target audience which is helping them in generating extra revenue from the segment and Fitness Management Personal Training.

Growing and increasing consumer demand for natural / herbal products that promote healthy living lifestyle and for treating diseases in China is one of the major factors which have driven the market for Asia Pacific nutraceuticals market. Additionally, the large presence of customer base in the country coupled with rising disposable income to purchase expensive nutraceuticals further impacted the overall Asia Pacific market in a positive manner. Similarly, Indian market is observed to grow at a high pace, with country recording growth at a highest CAGR in the entire region.

Rising disposable income, increasing awareness, investments by international players, launch of new products, aging population and high prevalence of diabetics and obese people in the country is observed to benefit the market revenue of India in a positive manner. The willingness to adopt a healthy living lifestyle and spending towards high quality nutritional supplements in India further helped the overall market in its growth during the historical period.

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