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The future holds great promise when it comes to the cloud. It’s no secret cloud hosting in India has taken off in recent years with new innovations and business applications. Businesses of all sizes, industries, and geographies are turning to cloud services. Industry experts say that the Cloud hosting services will grow tremendously from $35 Billion today to around $150 Billion by 2020, because by then, it will be key to most of the big company’s IT infrastructures.

Obviously assets of this can’t be ignored like it is cost efficient, provides almost unlimited storage, back up and recovery is much more easier, easy to access information from anywhere, and much more. This surely looks valuable for the client, but it even holds something superb for internal IT team.

Providing the suitable choice:

As demand is increasing, soon the number of choices in cloud solutions will be overwhelming; even for well-versed IT decision maker it will be a difficult task to choose the ‘one’. Now, here your relationship with your managed cloud hosting provider comes into picture. This relationship will assure that you are taking right decision in terms of your IT investment and it should drive Return On Investment (ROI) at the same time should eliminate the missteps. So, before putting your first feet on the cloud, it is important to ensure that your managed hosting partner can addressed every cloud needs.

Transferring work load means transferring responsibilities:

As more and more important workloads is getting migrated to cloud, this results in shifting responsibility from internal IT team to the managed cloud provider. By shifting to cloud, a company still own everything that has been migrated, but now it is been maintained and upgrade by managed service provider.

As a result internal IT team gets more time to conquer other pressing technological initiatives, such experimenting with new software or investigating a new IT strategy. The possibilities are endless.

Power of cloud without the complexity:

No matter your business is small or big, or in which category your organisation falls, cloud is always a powerful asset. This investment becomes even more effective when coupled with a managed service provider.

It is always an advantage to take expertise from a managed service provider. They assure that right technology is in right place and this environment is skillfully maintained for now and future. So, you don’t have to get into the complexity of it yet your are up to date.

So, internal IT people, isn’t managed cloud hosting a relief?

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