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UXReactor, a California based Design Consulting firm with its presence in Hyderabad, India, unveiled the UXReactor Academy – Design Ambassador Program for Design students. With this initiative, the UXReactor Academy will identify talented students across different Design Institutions and expose them to the best practices in design with the help of industry practitioners.

In the past UX Design jobs were primarily considered to be artistic in nature. However today these jobs have become very specialized and require exposure to multiple disciplines such as System Thinking, User Research, Prototyping, Product Management, Data analytics, and Behavioural Economics to name a few. At present the number of UX jobs is conservatively projected to rise by 22% annually, attracting a much higher package. This makes it important for aspirants to learn global industry standards.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Prasad Kantamneni, Co-Founder, UXReactor said, “There is a huge skill gap in how students are taught design versus what the industry needs from them. So the Design Ambassador program provides students access to a platform where they can learn from industry practitioners, discuss with their global peers, share their knowledge with other students, and finally build their profile as Designers. – July 27, 2020

This program is highly competitive, where aspiring candidates will be selected based on multiple criteria including aptitude and attitude. Once selected, they will have the opportunity to work on real-world case studies with tight-deadlines and collaboration with their peers. This will help them be relevant in the global design workforce.

The ambassadors will also have access to remote classes, events, and can collaborate with like-minded professionals – using the UXReactor community platform.

If you are a Design Institute, and are interested in collaborating, please contact to explore ways to participate in our Campus outreach programs.

A platform for learning global best practices in UX Design from industry practitioners for selected students from Design Institutes.

About UXReactor:
UXReactor is a design consulting firm based out of California, with a presence in Hyderabad, India. It is a full-service User eXperience (UX) design firm, that helps teams and organizations in different stages of business life cycle, optimize their user-centred focus to deliver useful, usable and desirable designs helping them grow and thrive.

In the last 5 years, UXReactor has delivered cutting edge design solutions like AI software that automatically creates YouTube videos for entertainment, or software that helps automatic cars park themselves, or helping one of the largest European telecommunications company predict and solve customer problems before they even happen!

UXReactor has been recognized as one of the Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Honorees for the pioneering and delivering customized designs for the client-partners. They were identified as the 40 best companies for superior UX designs out of 4,000 entries worldwide.

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