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Trucks as long as a swimming pool. Tires, that are larger than a normal sized van. And dumpers, that weigh more than 500 mid-range cars. With machines like that, it even takes 18 steps to reach the driver´s cab. The Top 10 of the world´s strongest trucks is purely beyond our imagination.

It can carry 450 metric tons of caviar or the weight of three million matryoshka dolls on its loading bed. The Belarusian dumper Belaz 75710 is the most powerful truck in the world. Fully loaded this monstrosity has a total weight of 810 metric tons. It´s totally unbelievable: One tire is four metres (13.1 ft.) high and weighs unimaginable 5,800 kilograms (12,786 lb.).

Anyone who thinks that these machines can´t move properly is seriously mistaken. With its 4,000 HP the Caterpillar 797 has a maximum speed of 42.3 mph (68 km/h). After all, fully loaded it has the sensational weight of 687.5 metric tons and ranks third.

However, what are the costs of one giant truck? “Without all the additional equipment the Cat 797 has a buying price of approximately five million dollars”, says Thorsten Muschler, founder of Machineseeker, Europe´s leading online-marketplace for used machines. “For one set of tires you have to spent 178,552 dollars.”

The online marketplace has put together a photo gallery of these monstrous machines. Have fun browsing!

About Machineseeker:

Machineseeker is Europe’s leading online-marketplace for used machinery. More than 5,300 dealers currently offer over 128,000 machines on the online platform. As a globally active marketplace, the company is represented in over 60 countries by a broad range of localised websites. Monthly inquiries for used machinery total over 600 million euros.

The Managing Director and founder is Thorsten Muschler, who started machineseeker.com seventeen years ago without investor money. Muschler simultaneously went online with the German versions of Google and Ebay. Since then, machineseeker has grown organically – and exclusively using its own revenues.

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