Few Servers & Control Panel Downtime Scheduled on 10th Sep 2017

In our efforts to make our platforms more compliant and secure a constructive maintenance is scheduled for Sunday, 10th September, 2017 on some of our servers and Control Panels.

What services will be affected? Some websites, databases Control Panels, APIs, Knowledge base, Domain Forward, Whois search, DNS etc.

How will this affect you?

– In this window, we will not be able to accept any new orders / customers or allow any orders or accounts to be managed via the Control Panel or API.
– All functions which require write access will be down during the maintenance. Few read-only methods will be available during the course of the maintenance

What is the Expected Downtime? Although the maintenance window is 120 minutes, we expect services to be affected for less than 30 minutes. Services should largely be online however there could be intermittent issues.

For emergency help, contact via https://osspl.com/contact

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