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Sep 11, 2019: We will soon be launching a redesigned and revamped website. Not only it is rebuilt but also have a new and enhanced content including a highlighted area on the front page for a la-mode customer support and a revamped shopping cart that improves the ordering steps.

This website is getting developed to feature a responsive design, adapting its display for optimal viewing on any size/resolution screen. The design is completely mobile device-friendly. The website is an important part of our effort to improve communications, outreach, and dissemination strategies.

“I am thrilled to announce the progress of the launch of our new website, in order to develop this website, we gathered feedback from our clients, studied data and analytics, and even had a look at the present trends in web designing. From services to products, each section is designed to deliver a better experience. We even work hard towards the section of improving customer support.  The 24x7x365 support center will allow users to diagnose the issue and resolve. Moreover, it will answer all type of inquiries.” said S Kumar, CEO.

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