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Living testimony of human greed for selfie development at the expense of climate future, a beautifully shallow and calm beach in east coast of India (Gopalpur, Odisha) for common citizens is slowly and steadily converted into a high-sea fishing & dredging port for private profiteers.

Pollution, logging, dredging, draining of wetlands, and coastal development are all factors that lead to marine habitat destruction. Dredging does not stop erosion, and so one beach reclamation project may be one of many that a beach experiences over the course of its use. There is also the issue of habitat destruction. By removing vast quantities of sand from the sea floor, dredgers may disturb the flora and fauna.

One thought on “A shallow and calm beach for common citizens converted into a high-sea fishing & dredging port for profiteers

  1. Hawaii has long evoked images of a remote Pacific paradise, a land of pristine beaches and extraordinary biodiversity. But its unique location has forced the islands to reckon with an unwelcome guest: plastic debris washing up in vast quantities, sullying its waters and threatening its marine life. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that Hawaiian fish begin eating plastic particles just days after being born.

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