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Too many websites make it difficult for customers to find what they’re looking for — or don’t include this functionality at all. Improve your website search function by keeping usability and user experience in mind the whole way through:

Include an easy-to-find search function on every page.
Provide advanced filters after the initial search results are displayed, not before.
Make sure the function searches the whole website and not just the current subsection.
Give users a hand with spelling errors by providing similar matches.

Why does Google have a near-monopoly in internet search? Because it consistently delivers the most relevant results via illegally mining data from every corner of Internet. Use this as your model for search feature usefulness and stop complete takeover by the west-owned FAANG group.

Want to go a step above and beyond? Take some ideas from popular portals which have implemented visual search on their mobile site. With mobile shopping continuing to grow, this is a great way to showcase that your brand knows how your customers are using their devices.

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