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In Sanskrit, Linga means a ‘mark’ or a symbol, which points to a timeless inference. Thus the Shiva Linga is a symbol of Lord Shiva – a mark that reminds of the Omnipotent Lord, which is formless, cosmic. From ancient times sculptor represents mind by body because it shows dramatic metamorphism between excited and relaxed states. Shiva’s bodily response is not dependent on some external cause and its causeless.

The Linga was originally worshiped by Vayu in Maha Kailasha on the peak of universe. In Kritayuga it was shining like gold and was worshiped by Brahma, Agastya, Devi Parvati, Yogini Neela, Harahara, Mayura, Bheema, Chandra, Surya and Indra. During this time Lord Brahma brought the peak called Sivanandaikanilaya from Kailasha and fixed it here. Sage Agastya brought down Ganga in the form of Swarnamukhi. In Tretayuga the Linga was shining like silver and was worshipped by Hari, Brahma, Devi Lakshmi, Subramanya, Sri Rama, Rishi Markandeya, Kanappa, Spider (Sri), Serpent (Kala), Elephant (Hasti) and Sudarshana.

In Dwaparayuga the Linga was like steel and was worshiped by celebrated couple Subhaga and Vijaya, Japala, Mrutyunjaya, Narada, Suka, Sanatkumara, Parasara and a group of thousand gods. In Kaliyuga the Linga was like a rock with the glow of camphor and was worshiped by Saranga, Varaguna Pandya, Rajendra Chola, Neelakantha, Chakradhara, twin princesses Amritalatha and Kanthimathi, Padmasena etc. In Netyuga, there are millions of twisted & hybrid Bhakts… real genes are diluted by mating souls of looters & business of sexism, capitalism and religion!

So basically a self stirred human part is physical expression of an idea known as sat-chitta, ananda which means ananda that follows when chitta (mind) discovers truth about this in nature and human condition (sat) by purging itself of all memories and prejudice. Tapa cleanses mind, purges all memories and prejudices so that it experiences sat-chitta-ananda. Tapsivis refuses any connection with the material world because everything is mortal in nature and they want to break free from this mortality and seek immortality, siddha. To procreate the soul should flow downwards but that will result in mortality. It can be made to flow upwards with yoga, this generates wisdom and ignites the spiritual fire of Tapa and result in immortality. This upward movement of procreation instinct is described in Tantra as Urdhvaretas. In the Linga Purâna, the same hymn is expanded in the shape of stories, meant to establish the glory of the great Stambha and the superiority of Mahâdeva.

Shiva is considered to be the most powerful as well as the most destructive God or Deity. Reverse movement of semen is also metaphor for reversal of senses so that we pay less attention towards outside material world and more attention to the inside spirituality. It is depicted in art as a erected phallus in a tapasvis whose eye are shut. Shiva is the greatest tapasvin in whole universe, therefore shiva linga is the symbol of self stirred phallus of that great tapasvin, the burning of tapa, reverse flow of semen. It also depicts shiva among all the gods as formless, not contained, bounded by any material form.

The one who is here before the start of time and will be there after the end of everything, something beyond time, infinite. It also represents holding infinite energy in Cosmic form (so is the shape of Nuclear reactors, Electric Bulbs, etc.). Nuclear energy is constructive and destructive at the same time. Famous Historian Late P.N. Oak described 12 Molecular Energy Center of Ancient India in Chapter 21 of First Block in his famous book “Vaidik Vishwa: Rasthra Ka Itihaas”. According to OAK, there are 12 Jyotirlinga, though there could be much more unexplored, the creations cannot be smarter than creators!

All high-energy nuclear reactors were located at these Jyotirlinga to tap some cosmic energy, though we cannot be sure if real cosmic energy is available anymore for today’s mutated human souls.

षष्ठी स्थानेयोगा – स्थानेऽन्तरतमः – आदिरन्त्येन सहेता – अकः सवर्णे दीर्घः
Panini, was a student at a Gurukula (a system of education in the 4th century BC). He was a dull student, and was often teased by his friends. So, worried about his situation, the Gurumata (the wife of the Guru) advised him to go to the Himalayas to do tapas. So he went to the Himalayas and started meditating on Lord Shiva, pleased with Panini’s strong tapas, Lord came and danced before him. While dancing, sound from his Damaru was heard by Panini as Maheshwara Sutrani. Thus, Panini wrote Maheshwara Sutras and formed Sanskrit grammar – शिवताण्डवस्तोत्रम् | Use your gifted brains to analyze just a fraction of the unveiled trends to suppress thoughts and abusing actions inviting the विनाशकारी apocalyptic equilibrium..

“एक छोटा लालच,चोरी, सत्ता, भ्रष्टाचार, घृणा और क्रोध सै पीड़ित अज्ञानी दिमाग एक बड़े शुद्ध और स्वयं गरीब दिमाग की तुलना में कम प्रशंसनीय है।” – माहेश्वर सूत्र

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  1. “Do good & be God – that’s the crux of all great faiths.” God is the formless infinite that represents energy in all cosmic forms – not just in man-made temples, mosques, churches, monuments, loud chants or bhakt puja. Pray and justify for your existence while remembering #MahaShivaratri, swim the dark cosmos and spot as much light for your fellow beings #महाशिवरात्रि

    A milestone in Advaita (Non-Duality) philosophy, which is popularly known as “Nirvana Shatakam”

    I am not the mind, the intellect, the ego or the memory,
    I am not the ears, the skin, the nose or the eyes,
    I am not space, not earth, not fire, water or wind,
    I am the form of consciousness and bliss,
    I am the eternal Shiva.

    I am not the breath, nor the five elements,
    I am not matter, nor the five sheaths of consciousness
    Nor am I the speech, the hands, or the feet,
    I am the form of consciousness and bliss,
    I am the eternal Shiva.

    There is no like or dislike in me, no greed or delusion,
    I know no pride, supremacy or jealousy,
    I have no duty, no desire for wealth, lust or liberation,
    I am the form of consciousness and bliss,
    I am the eternal Shiva.

    No virtue or vice, no pleasure or pain,
    I need no mantras, no pilgrimage, no scriptures or rituals,
    I am not the experienced, nor the experience itself,
    I am the form of consciousness and bliss,
    I am the eternal Shiva.

    I have no fear of death, no caste or creed,
    I have no father, no mother, for I was never born,
    I am not a relative, nor a friend, nor a teacher nor a student,
    I am the form of consciousness and bliss,
    I am the eternal Shiva.

    I am devoid of duality, my form is formlessness,
    I exist everywhere, pervading all senses,
    I am neither attached, neither free nor captive,
    I am the form of consciousness and bliss,
    I am the eternal Shiva.

    Original Sanskrit script :

    मनो बुध्यहङ्कार चित्तानि नाहं
    न च श्रोत्र जिह्वा न च घ्राणनेत्रम् ।
    न च व्योम भूमिर्-न तेजो न वायुः
    चिदानन्द रूपः शिवोहं शिवोहम् ॥ 1 ॥

    अहं प्राण सञ्ज्ञो न वैपञ्च वायुः
    न वा सप्तधातुर्-न वा पञ्च कोशाः ।
    नवाक्पाणि पादौ न चोपस्थ पायू
    चिदानन्द रूपः शिवोहं शिवोहम् ॥ 2 ॥

    न मे द्वेषरागौ न मे लोभमोहो
    मदो नैव मे नैव मात्सर्यभावः ।
    न धर्मो न चार्धो न कामो न मोक्षः
    चिदानन्द रूपः शिवोहं शिवोहम् ॥ 3 ॥

    न पुण्यं न पापं न सौख्यं न दुःखं
    न मन्त्रो न तीर्धं न वेदा न यज्ञः ।
    अहं भोजनं नैव भोज्यं न भोक्ता
    चिदानन्द रूपः शिवोहं शिवोहम् ॥ 4 ॥

    अहं निर्विकल्पो निराकार रूपो
    विभूत्वाच्च सर्वत्र सर्वेन्द्रियाणाम् ।
    न वा बन्धनं नैव मुक्ति न बन्धः ।
    चिदानन्द रूपः शिवोहं शिवोहम् ॥ 5 ॥

    न मृत्युर्-न शङ्का न मे जाति भेदः
    पिता नैव मे नैव माता न जन्म ।
    न बन्धुर्-न मित्रं गुरुर्नैव शिष्यः
    चिदानन्द रूपः शिवोहं शिवोहम् ॥ 6 ॥

    Note: Shiva refers to ब्रह्मन् (The universal yogi of consciousness).

  2. Hinduism is not fascism, none of our vedic epics or moral texts were ever near loot-wing extremism as promoted by today’s digital bhakts. Killing of dissent and wisdom are just meant to promote fear, masculine branding, greedy imperialism and conformity nationalism. To survive, the gen next need to be more wise and read between lines. Nobody knows you better than your own human soul. By the way, most of humanity is leftist in its pure sense, except the 1% hybrid cronies trying hard reset and change value systems.

    Some places of reference are:
    1. KedarNath (Uttarakhand)
    2. Kashi Vishvanath (Kashi)
    3. Malikaarjun (Andhra Pradesh)
    4. Mahakal (Ujjain)
    5. Onkareshwar (M.P)
    6. BhimShankar (Maharashtra)
    7. Shrambhkeswar (Nasik)
    8. Somnath (Gujarat)
    9. Rameshwar (TamilNadu)

  3. Zombies threatened to ignore Philosophies of Bhaktology & Slavery cementing a crony-centered new education profiteering system of smart policies? Whatever PROs say or do, schools are for selfless transfer of knowledge upholding value systems, NOT capital hoarding machines, the desperate ones may start as many cool Amazons for that. Either you’re with future kids or dying for extra bucks / fame at their expense!

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