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Sublime Galleria, in partnership with The Taj West End, presents the master expressionist M.R. Deshmukh and his exhibit ‘Elite Strokes’; a proficient collection that poetically captures the vivid essence of nature and human interactions on canvas.

M.R. Deshmukh, is a senior artist who is the most consistent and pro-life practitioner of expressing one’s perceptions of nature and human interactions. This knack has been in his veins, as he is from the beautiful hills and valleys around Satara, sited in the heart of the Sahyadri Mountains. He narrates, that his inquisitive artist-soul fetched him to the art school in Kolhapur, a place that serves as a source of great inspiration for artists. The misty morning lights, midday shine, dusky evening, and pleasant weather, in this rich and varied Art Heritage, reflect in Deshmukh’s deep fascination with the effects of light in his paintings. Later, this place became his home, and sowed the seed for his greatest creations.

He has always found inspiration in nature, and his mentors like Ravidra Mestry, Sadwelkar, Satawelkar, Raza, Dhond, and Langhamer. Though he admires Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Vincent Van-Gogh, and Paul Cezzane, he does not succumb to any particular style; instead, he has triumphed in reinventing his uniqueness. His earnest thoughts about a painting, rejected the traditional approach to countryside painting, and became an avant-garde of his time and region, and helped himself mould the artist within him, by shaking off the conventions of the past practices.

We invite you to come and delight yourself by witnessing the paintings of one of the most intriguing expressionists of our time.

Event Date & Time:
16th – 31st Dec ’16
Mon to Sat: 11:00am – 8:00pm | Sun: Closed

Event Venue & Address:
Sublime Galleria
UB City, #801, 8th Floor
Vittal Mallya Road
Bangalore – 560 001
Karnataka, India

Contact Details:
Name: Ms. Belinda Fernandez
Mobile: +91 70228 92634 | +91 80 4111 6563

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