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TFAANG & Co are spying on your communications with blessings from deep state profiteers’ neural network (desi chanakya durniti aayog), then force-feeding us ads and various opera / events based on contents, interests and its malicious imperial agenda. Tech viruses like WhatsApp messaging had claimed to be free and clean until now, but things has strategically changed thanks to pandemic games. At the annual Metaverse Marketing Summit held in the Netherlands, Facebook has confirmed that AI ads will be displayed in its apps soon, just like many of those ROI brands on Google Play and Apple Stores. Extra dance parties for desi suckerberg godi clubs, cyber cells, musky modi and PR / media agencies! Of course expect some new telecom and social media policy showoffs for a while: shovel some terrible net neutrality and privacy bills for government and party promotions which will never fix problems, but does preempt any tougher state or federal laws from taking root.

Users will see ads within the ‘Status’ feature of WhatsApp as confirmed by the presentation during the summit. It will be similar to Instagram and many other popular apps where sponsored content is displayed in stories and users can swipe up to visit the content associated with the ad. When a user will click on a status, the name of the advertiser will be shown instead of the contact’s profile picture and name. Unlike other social media platforms, WhatsApp will display a full-screen ad which is kind of intrusive. Geo-invading with mere capital hoarding, selling mental trauma & malicious profiteering intent.

Coming Soon to @WhatsApp… cat’s milking as always!
– WhatsApp Status (Stories) to get Ads in 2020
– WhatsApp for Businesses to get richer messaging format options
– WhatsApp product catalog to be integrated with existing Facebook Business Manager catalog

It isn’t a surprise that ads are coming to WhatsApp. It has been long anticipated that Facebook will find a means to monetize most popular messaging platforms. WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users in 180 countries and the platform has 0.2 billion more users than its older imperial ally – Facebook Messenger. Few years back, the chanakya’s political parties were abusing social media marketing for bumper votes and sponsored branding, now the same so-called tech innovation balloons are haunting and fighting back for long-term continuity and its ROI capitalism. Ironic all-round abuse of 99% social slaves!

Ads will be shown only in a particular feature which is not as intrusive, sounds great isn’t?

Unlike WhatsApp, Insta, LinkedIn, Twitter-X or Facebook, which are controlled by centralized authorities and few crooked capitalists, GNU social sounds like a more transparent network of independently decentralized servers called nodes. Federation technology allows users to communicate between nodes, preserving the unified experience of traditional social media systems, and the open GNU social freedom software allows anybody with an Internet connection to start their own public or private node and join the network. These administrators can even customize their nodes to suit the unique needs of their users.

Since GNU social is decentralized, it’s harder for a company or government to censor content or shut down the network when they feel threatened by it, which is becoming norm in modern societies led by crooks. This is more than a hypothetical threat – it has been attempted multiple times earlier by oppressive governments. Spreading out user data also makes bulk surveillance considerably more difficult, as there is no single database or server to crack into and copy. No wonder, elite cronies hate such ideas with strategic gimmickry, playing mass fear of dark-net hysteria and other hypnosis tricks to strengthen monopoly of its own allies.

Popular or not so popular users known for criticizing the ruling traders, cronies or any other political parties, outfit or groups of power are bluntly suppressed, in silence partnership of paid media gurus and softie sounding hyper capitalists. We must all create our profiles on such unbranded social nodes and start posting on our own terms. Your genuine followers and friends will be more than willing to follow by boycotting the big brands en masse or even encourage comrades to start their own. Let there be thousands of smaller Billy Gates, not just a few manageable cronies close to some warlords, democratic lobbyists, bureaucratic brokers and modern state emperors w/o visible crowns. Most free software organizations now stands infiltrated by FAANG & clones via secret lobbying, bewitching, blackmailing, spying, etc..

Prime SocialNet: the open democratic system – Signup for a social timeline free from celeb hypes, network for a better world! Build profiles, communities, groups, pages, start conversations, inspire fellow humans. People fleeing deep state’s TFAANG & Co have mostly turned to X-capital alternatives like Mastodon, etc.. pissing-off VC-driven tech corns flying with “Show me the revenue growth”, while insisting social networks must support healthy debates – without monopoly of any hyper emperor and co.. here, there or anywhere!

The SocialNet Public Timeline at https://solutionpoint.in

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