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Feb 12, 2015: Threatened with possible hard hits on their successful bribery lifestyles, questions on elite’s hereditary wealth, exposure of looting farmers / soldiers rights, survival and future safety of loot-wing employer monarchs, the brown cop puppets of 21st century colonial parties will soon start to shut change supporters who unlike most elected goon cronies in India do not seem to falling in line or scratch each others back even after things settle! The mighty ruling breeds / goons and their local kings are facing overdue revolts everywhere and must now employ tested methods used by imperial powers in last centuries e.g. world wars, divisions, terror plots, diversionary & deceptions, tampering democracy, nazi-type propaganda, innovation in corruption, divide2rule, nationalism gimmickry and genocides as anti-depressants for cronies’ hiccups – now they also have new scalpels – paid media #PropagandaArtists: on-line / off-line #JioLala.

An unconventional victory in Delhi seems to have galvanized commoners as well as established cronies. There is no denying the enthusiasm among supporters while many spell limitations, the new group can strive to project itself as a credible alternative to established millionaire rulers and revive degrading democratic morals & overall value systems. More so because major looting parties have discredited and enriched themselves and their elite allies via perennial sucking over the years. But they cannot be wiped with soft-politicking only.

Ironically, established groups will never like to see any future and love such changes as transient phenomenon, as they’ve well acquired ancestral wisdom – electoral and economical advantages of hyping everything and outputting in peace-meal do outperform fools sticking to straight human values. Citizens birth rights are their positive means to success and showcase, simple and raw, isn’t it? They will hope and pray that any people’s movement do not fulfill things which we all deserve to say the least, and India returns to its old golden days again, laying even more free eggs for the connected club of cronies who are in rhythm forever to bring back full status-quo or new forms of stealth loot! Without fight, the common breeds & groups will continue to be bombarded with deception, hypes, jives, slow poison, allied ammunition, subservient commandos

You know on whose side India will be officially in case of global war disasters, considering their love and affinity with Looters & Co enjoying western extravaganza spending sucked juicy wealth from third-world mango men! Organizations or ideals involving the common-lot must not last and be termed as some anti-social wings via plots of crafted legal jerks. Look back at what happened to the hundreds of unions, parties, revolts – which are a now a spent force and often used as case studies by cronies to suppress more logical outrages in future … shut-up and be our guest on this lovely planet. #JaiJugaad #Corruption #ChorBhakts

The problem of the day isn’t too much democracy or a PM. It’s the love for accumulation of power by old elite groups, thrashing real social change forces using sam, dam, dand, bhed, hype, bribe, nationalism, branding.. human love do not work in all situations. They or their future generations will face some odd music and reactions.

Brand, Baaza & Baboons.. the Mixed Breed #ChorBhakths will be dangerously on top when you snatch their birthright of looting and show mirrors of their fatty goon souls to public despite all jugaad. Citizens birth rights are #bhakts positive means to successful #branding, so #आप_पागल_हैं #हम_दूध_से_धुले_हैं? The real shows are yet to begin, be careful of the #भ्रष्ट #ThanksTaking #राजनीति! Got the Jokepal: Looting #दूध_से_धुले cronies of #Dera with PhD in money #laundering go all-out #bluewhale SME fishing.

Don’t pay taxes unless hydra-headed corruption is curbed says Bombay High Court, can this shake some cronies and political businessmen? Last year, of the 7000 complaints received by Mumbai branch of anti-corruption watchdog, inquiries were ordered in only 600 odd cases, rest is all bright. Popular Selfish Idea: As long I’ve liberty to NOT pay direct taxes ethically, push back these hydra-headed tax #bhakts and its much hyped young tech-sounding breeds lawfully, any #GSTBill #CorporateBill #BSEBill #LootBill bla bla are all ok and it really rocks, even happy to forcefully donate the indirect taxes without any return expectations as usual, cheers lawmakers!

2 thoughts on “The Change Affect – smart gangs acting together for pre 2011 status quo

  1. Populism Sultanate is not new, its time tested lucrative profiteering strategy of Toryism art since many centuries.. now to invade and re-annex a loot-wing presidential monarchy to the only left sober democracy bombarding 24/7 bhakt propaganda via online universities, awaken your desi Delhi wisdom before its irreversibly too late for you and your future kids!

  2. National Interests vs National Classes! #Phase5 Democracy Mela to flag National Interests by/of/for the popular National Classes – Cronies & Co. Promoting world’s biggest MLM profiteering campaigns with Chinese Capital and Western Socialists 😆😆 pouring billions in these strategic social, financial and economic warfare tools of future. Remember that 99% will always be kept on edge, as capitalistic competition is merely a zero sum game working against interests of small businesses, workers and common consumers.

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