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First a line of honest Diwali Greetings! As Dipawali approaches (especially in North India), there is a craze for Diwali Gifts planning, buying and distributing. Theoretically, its preparing for expression of obeisance to the heavens for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace and prosperity; but practically its buying license to “loot” at cost of making non-modern folks suffer. It is in line with right-wing chaplusi & business of political acumen, nothing with honesty for cleaner social / cultural development. Most of Diwali dandia is done by super rich via their own clones, dalals or lobbyists, chelas or glorified pimps canvassing for better prospects with blessings from other rich bosses, paid media crocodiles, influential decision makers creeping most of the high-value institutions.

The current trend is, may the next year we get more contracts, more favor, make more money and repeat the same next year again, my lord! This viscous cycle or sudarshan chakra brings man closer to god and goddess of money and happiness. Let’s all be a part of the grand #ClimateComic, stand-in like celebrities in candle-light marches and light up our future with small bribes, silence & suppress चोर #bhakt’s all selfie evil deeds of this year by bombing as many fire crackers possible! Corporate gifts and discount offers is just one example of fooling end consumers, tightening vendor relations and more such goals.

The whole year following it will inspire us to do more such acts of bribing. We are all benefiting, from chaprasi to minister. Give and take, the sacred religious practice of Deewali slowly converted into a propaganda event to inaugurate bribing and smart development corruption. We are only illuminated with lights and polluting the earth with diyas (oil lamps) and bursting crackers on those who are not so good at such corrupt practices. It is no longer about marriage of Lakshmi with Vishnu or worship of Kali, Ganesha or celebrating return of Rama along with Sita after crushing Ravana.

Not from darkness unto light the dipawali way… in reality, society is moving from diminishing light to pitch darkness. Light a diya, sit quietly, shut your eyes, withdraw the senses, concentrate on the supreme light and illuminate your soul – find yourself more truth than an elite CBI, NSA or Baba wing can ever dream of knowing!

Break the darkness of vote for daru, money or pleasure – choose the right groups before its too late. You have every right, take their favor as a small return of looted public wealth, but forget what these sucking JioLala cronies say after thanks giving. Crack corruption and light-up diyas using fuels of the corrupt, wish #HappyDhanteras cracking the Diwali focus lights on ChorBhakts actual wealth: black & white – as for me the open author, न सम्मान का मोह न अपमान का भय!

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