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Introducing trustworthy experiences for tech savvy schools, colleges, universities and organisations. Exclusive for Institutions: New Responsive Website + e-Learning Portal + Alumni Blogging + Teachers App + VPS Hosting + Drupal CMS + CiviCRM Edu ERP implimentation + Andriod App. You fully own your Internet assets, with Solution Point!

Range of inexpensive web solutions for both small website owners and institutions that need a secure and responsive presence on the internet protected from falling prey to fancy traps of many large daddy brands. Our #1 Priority is making your website load on visitor’s blink with any device, our focus is your brand!

Dedicated Server? Solid performance; perfect for larger sites, corporate emails & apps!

Multi Domain Responsive Online Presence with Search and Mobile optimized on powerful shared and dedicated servers: Perfect for schools, colleges, universities, NGOs, not-for-profit websites, mail servers and blogs. Comes with Linux, BSD, Windows, PHP, .Net, Java, Nginx, Apache and more. Securely host unlimited domains, hundreds of staff emails, useful mobile features.

Web marketing, media promotion, search advertising tools and add-ons with insights, solutions, mobile apps and marketing ideas that help shape your online future.

Imp: Your domain names are like your property documents, online buildings can collapse anytime, if they’re not secured with reliable, ethical, caring and neutral providers, giving price & brand hypes the 2nd priority! know more

One thought on “Experiences of Trust 4.0 – Websites / Servers

  1. Make It Effortless for Users to Provide Feedback!

    Step one: Live by the mantra “improve 1% every day.” It’s common for us to be too close to our products, services and web properties to see their flaws clearly. However, it’s easy to provide interactive forms and surveys throughout the year so clients can suggest ways to make your products and customer service better.

    Step two: Providing user surveys might help curb some disappointed user reviews on your website or your online marketplace presence. When it doesn’t, make sure receiving a response is part of the expected user experience. Respond to negative and positive reviews and comments alike, whether on social media, a marketplace, a user forum or elsewhere. This goes a long way toward making your brand seem more human and amenable to change.

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