Gated Communities in Bangalore

Gated Community Development is a relatively recent concept in real estate usage. Its name owe its origin to the integrated housing colonies which are surrounded by perimeter fencing and with watch and ward personnel manning the gates and regulating the entry and exit of outside visitors with no place for the visitors to park their vehicles within the perimeter fencing.
This concept of gated community has now come to be applied to any recent real estate scheme of residential development of any substantial repute. Here, each developer competes to provide the best in class facilities, amenities and privacy so that the locale becomes progressively inclusive and self-sufficient.

Gated Communities in Bangalore
The concept of gated community has been extended to all types of real estate developments in Bangalore, such that the secure and safe feeling of living within a similarly inclined peoples’ habitat is emphasized.

Kanakapura Road, which has been in the limelight for quite a while, considering the fact that it is a 52-km stretch from Basavangudi to NICE Road intersection at Mallasandra, will in times to come be the crucial south-north linkage. People take this route because it considerably cuts down the transit time.

It is also a crucial infrastructure feature because of the multiple connectivity projects it has been associated with. This Road at long last has attained finality with the associated projects such as metro line, peripheral ring road and road widening projects receiving approvals after considerable delays.

The afore mentioned approvals have come through in order to provide the much needed relief from traffic woes as also to provide a boost to the gated realty market.

Currently, the road, which is numbered National Highway No. 209, has been vexed with many mobility issues. So all along the stretch of the road, there have only been plotted developments with very little to talk of sales registered in gated housing projects.
So the above said infrastructure projects which have finally received the go ahead, will enable the transformation of the area from an investor’s market to a sought after gated residential destination.

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