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An EDU related domain name with FREE SSL certificate installed on. This covers fees to provision a dedicated server’s hardware and software, to harden LAMP / LNMP for production use and compliance. It also covers training to get you up to speed! We take the curve out of learning for you!

1.Core module:
• Admission Management:
– Student admission inquiry.
– Student admission form.
– All the detail of student.
– Online admission.
• Student Management:-
– Student profile with photographs.
– Parents and guardian detail.
– Inbuilt ID card.
– Daily report for student.
• Attendance Management:
– Daily Attendance.
– Monthly and yearly attendance report.
– SMS alert to absentees.
• Fees Management:
– Online fees deposited.
– Accept fees in installment.
– Accept fees in cash, credit card and cheque.
– SMS/Email fees receipt to parents.
– Student wise collect the fees.
– SMS alert for payment.
• Exam Management:
– Semester / Annual exam.
– Examination schedules for each Exams
– Student wise and subject wise marks entry.
– Export exam result in excel file easily.
– Send SMS/ Email parents of exam result.
– Define exam marks wise grade.
• Human Resources:
– Store Basic, Personal, Qualification, Job and Communication details.
– Employees ID card.
– Employee attendance
– Employee Attendance Reports
• Payroll Management:
– PF and Tax declaration.
– Employee’s payroll sleep.
– Monthly and yearly payroll reports.
– Send pay slips through the email.
– Leave management
• Certificate:
– Leaving certificate.
– Bonafide certificate.
– First trail certificate.
– All Necessary Certificates
• Timetable Management:
– Timetable for student.
– Timetable for teacher.
– Proxy settings.
– Lunch break and other breaks.
• Academic:
– Update daily class work.
– Assign homework.
– Syllabus scheduling.
– Organize lesson plan.
– Update completed lesson.
• Alumni:
– Alumni directory.
– Any time access of alumni data.
– Update alumni for school event and activity.
• Event & Activity Management:
– School calendar.
– Upcoming event and activities.
– All festival celebration.
– Event wise student list preparations.
– SMS Alert to participated Student
2.Resource Management:
• Hostel Management:
– Manage multiple hostels.
– Define room type and room charges.
– Hostel reports.
– Manage Hostel Fees
• Transport:
– Transport Fees Management
– Create route wise pick up point and drop point.
– Route wise student report.
– Pick up point wise student list report.
• Inventory Management:
– Define store and stock category.
– Items wise available stock.
– Stock issue and stock retunes.
– Vender list and contact detail.
– Get report items wise stock, low stock, department wise stock.
• Asset Management:
– Auto maintains alert.
– Organization assets reports.
– Maintains reports.
• Finance Management:
– Credit and debit voucher entry.
– Profit and loss.
– Balance report.
– Cash and bank book.
3.Communication Management:
• News
• Blogs
• Circular
• Task
• Gallery
• Email Alerts
• SMS Alerts
4.Data Management:
• Dashboard
• Standard Report
• Custom Report
• Data Import
• Biometrics
• Portal
• Mobile Apps
• Dynamic Website
• Online Payment
• Class wise student List
• Daily Fees Collection Reports
• Debit Fees Reports of Students
• New Addition Reports
• Student / Staff attendance Reports
• More than 100 necessary report

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