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Patents for capital gain doesn’t create supply chains or help fund development of medical technologies, software or anything. All it does is make it easier for someone to “own” that technology, to make it quicker and cheaper to restrict others from implementing and sharing tools that people need to survive. It rushes the patent application process so that someone could be able to sue others trying to save seriously ill patients around the world before a global disaster is over.. abusing and hedging SWOT for mass genocide and protecting its own cronies.

99% of R&D in new technologies get their useful funds from general public, and so the outcomes (innovative or repetitive) must belong to everyone, but most corporate governments are working 24×7 to restrict access ejecting some strategic shit excuses, even lifesaving drugs and treatments during a global pandemic. It’s not in our scope to determine the impact of other kinds of patents, but we know specifically that they are terrible for software, and at a time where software is critical to saving lives, expediting software patent applications will only cause harm.

Even in normal times, increasing software patent restriction is harmful to everyone. Software patents threaten all developers, putting them in the line of fire for ruinous lawsuits simply for creating and sharing their own code. Until the day when we can completely, we should be reducing the harm done, not coming up with programs and guidance to accelerate the damage. But in the midst of a global crisis where hundreds of thousands have already died, where supply chains for medical technology are stretched beyond limits, creating a cheaper and easier fast track for causing further patent disruption is downright criminal.

Join together to fight back.

11 thoughts on “Patents are another kind of disease & capitalists are super-spreaders of such viruses

  1. A needle that refuses to go through certain fabric is as ridiculous as today’s computing restrictions. But we laugh about the former, and continue to use the later. Making software a kitchen table issue in every home can at times seem like an insurmountable challenge, but there are so many community members doing incredibly inspiring work driving user freedom forward. https://www.wisepoint.org/6738

  2. Dissecting Mainstream Populism using tools like Raw Ideas, Blunt Views, Real News, Buried Truth, Hidden Social Trends.

    Capital bhakts: People who think they are born to just get richer everyday, somehow.
    Social bhakts: People who DO NOT want to hoard wealth more than they deserve, anyway.

    This is “root cause” of fights since thousands of years of human history. Understand or keep hating each other.

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  4. With Goopoly and its ventures getting malicious, its high time switching back to alternatives like bing, yahoo, duckduckgo, baidu, yandex etc to nib Nazi-like predators. Or even get your own new KoPoly search engine running in the cloud.

  5. No Web site with a registration form that is not protected by automated human proof test which displays a sequence of characters in an image, and requests the user to enter the sequence into an input field. Security mechanism based on the Turing Test—one of the oldest concepts in Artificial Intelligence—and it is most often called Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA).

    On the other side, a number of these tests have been broken, that is, automated programs designed by researchers, hackers, and spammers have been able to automatically serve the correct answer.

  6. This includes observation or ML interception of all electronically transmitted big data information on Internet – banking, mobile apps, social media, photos, videos, text, emails and other meta shared traffic. Pandemic game of mass-surveillance is starting to thrive now.

  7. Morality? It is dead, si esta muerto, cheers hi-tech variants, let’s hail & viral mobile doctor, hell with boring religion, ethics or culture!

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