Search based on Apache Solr / CMS to fight Goopoly

With Goopoly and its ventures getting malicious, its high time switching back to alternatives like bing, yahoo, duckduckgo, baidu, yandex etc to nib Nazi-like predators cum profiteers. Or even get your own new #Socool based on Apache Solr search engine running in the cloud – no need to maintain either a CSV or an XML database in order to display facets or categories. Semantic crawling searches the various sources, such as shop data or forum posts, as well as any number of additional websites. Relevant content – texts, links or images – are then gather into a unified search result. In the process the crawler analyses the content semantically, automatically recognizing particular types of information, such as product data (size, price etc.), which it extracts and presents accordingly.

Comprehensive range of functions, including image search and methods meet all modern criteria including Auto-Suggest, Filter, Facets, pre-defined search results and image analysis. Suitable for online shops and companies in the enterprise segment, who need simultaneous, heavy-traffic demand and search millions of indexed pages and database entries: each Solr-Index can process thousands of search queries a minute, allowing for limitless upward scalability. Apart from a great but stolen index from millions of hard working content contributors, rest of Goopoly’s offerings are just mundane and smart commerce.

Our Goopoly search has reduced to 2 per month, from 2 per minute 2 years back!

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