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Fremont, CA: August 5, 2016 A professional trainings provider in the areas of regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT, offers courses for human resources professional on the topic of HR documentation. Offered through its human resources trainings portal, TrainHR, these courses help HR professionals stay compliant with documentation practices and prevent legal hurdles for the organization.
Documentation lies at the heart of human resources in an organization. When the organization’s HR gets it wrong, it can spell doom and bring with it all kinds of legal actions from the employee or the legal authorities.

Importance of documentation trainings

It is very important for organizations to undergo professional trainings in the art and practice of documentation. It is a safe practice to get the notion of documentation absorbed into the organization’s HR. this is why:

“For anything to have value, it has to be written down. Or else, serves no purpose and has no value. Documentation being such an important part of HR; it is very crucial that HR gets the essential of documentation right. Without it, the organizations run a huge legal risk. This is why we wanted to offer professional trainings in the specific area of HR documentation to save organizations a lot of legal and financial trouble”, says Satisha Naraharimurthy, founder and CEO.

Purpose of HR documentation trainings

The purpose of these trainings is to help HR professionals understand the importance and elements of documentation, in both theory and practice, said Shahanshah Manzoor, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “We emphasize the importance of good practices in our trainings, because these are important to adapt. Our trainings are designed by some of the best trainers in the field of HR. they help our participants align their documentation practices with their organizational policy on recruitment and other important areas”, he adds.

Course contents

Outlining the course contents, Liju Mathew, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, says all aspects that are important for documentation are taught at these courses. These include “what to write down and what not to, how to write these, store and preserve them in the right format and for the stipulated period of time, how to keep a log of the important, required activities and interactions with employees, how to document practices ranging from induction to performance appraisal to termination or retirement”. All these are detailed at professional training courses on HR documentation. The fact that some of these courses are certified from bodies such as HRCI makes them even more valuable as tools with which HR professionals who take up our courses can use them to progress in their careers, he adds.

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