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Fremont, CA: July 18, 2016 Professional trainings from NetZealous LLC, a professional trainings provider in the areas of regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT, make comprehension of the FDA’s new import rules easier. These trainings become necessary in the light of the FDA’s having tightened its procedures for import of a number of items and having increased punishments for violations.

New changes
Jul 19, 2016: The rules that the FDA has on imports have undergone changes. They have now been made more stringent with the FDA working together with the Customs and Border Patrol Service (CBP). These agencies have now tied the loose ends up and made surveillance of import items stricter and made procedures more stringent. The CBP has now implemented what it calls the new “Automated Commercial Environment” computer program. This program brings about a major change in import logistics and information reporting for FDA regulated products by allowing it to stop shipments even before they are loaded at a foreign port.

“In that light of these developments, it is all the more necessary for organizations that are in the business of imports and those that need to meet FDA compliance requirements to be thoroughly equipped to handle situations relating to these rules. With the FDA increasing the legal requirements for prior notice information; it is crucial for businesses to know how to accurately code import information and get a better grasp of the automated and human review process. Or else, they are sure to face big trouble with the FDA. This is what our trainings help businesses and importing organizations avoid”, said Satisha Naraharimurthy, Founder and CEO of NetZealous LLC.

Aimed at helping avoid hefty fines

Shahanshah Manzoor, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at NetZealous LLC said that rules for importers are no longer what they used to be. “For 2016, import entries should use the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) entry filing system, failing which they end up paying a whopping $ 10,000 of fines per offence. Such organizations also have major problems in having their products accepted. Which organization likes to be in such a situation? It is to help organizations overcome problems such as this that we want to offer our trainings to them. NetZealous LLC’s trainings are focused in helping those in import get a hang of the procedures and overcome the weaknesses in their commercial chain”, he says.

Timely and comprehensive

NetZealous LLC’s trainings stand out for the sheer relevance and comprehensiveness they offer, says Liju Mathew, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development. “For example, not many in imports are aware of the full extent of the existing FDA rules or what the changes suggest. In addition to imparting knowledge of these aspects; NetZealous LLC’s trainings offer options to importers on what to do if their product is seized or destroyed by the government.

They also train importers on what needs to be done when their product is detained, what happens when the FDA decides that the importer should bring the products back to the point of entry after the importer receives a release but cannot find its products that have been sold. In such instances, the CBP could levy a fine that runs to something like three times the value of the products. It is about how to deal with these critical and sensitive issues that our trainings help importers. They no longer need to face the issues they would have faced without the proper knowledge of these procedures and laws”.

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