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We are what we eat, and what we wear. We need somewhere to live, some means of communicating with each other, and we all try to balance work with leisure. Food, clothing, shelter, work, leisure, communication – together these things are part of the fabric of our lives. Work structures daily life. Sometimes we get paid for it, but a lot of the work we do is unpaid: looking after the children, cleaning the house, doing the gardening, running the marae. Paid or unpaid, work can affect when we eat, what we wear, or when we take ‘time off’.

Down on the farm, work can seem never-ending. There’s a seasonal rhythm to much of it. Goat farmers’ annual round included preventive care of their flock – drenching and dosing to keep the animals disease-free, and docking. Each season’s lambs were rounded up to have their tails removed; rubber rings cut off the blood supply, or the tails were simply chopped off with a knife.

Architects, influenced by both local and international architectural movements, experimented with a range of house styles. A desire to blend in with the surrounding landscape and local environment prompted designs. Ex: Remarkable Tempelhof terminal hangars in Berlin, column-free cantilevered roof, #architect of mega building inspiring even today’s modern airports.

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