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You can own a new residential apartment with few lakhs in saving, hope the hot are not merely here to grab hard earned funds of innocent investors. Such ownership or shareholding market was unorganised (real word is “unbranded”) though buyers always invested in property together for joint ownership. Now, some cool brands claim to help organise the market in association with builders. Such investments may allow you to invest directly in real estate with other investors. Depending on the number of investors, you either get a joint-ownership, or a stake in a company that owns the property.

Though such innovative schemes also promote speculation in the residential real estate markets and inflate prices, market growth is necessary. If home is a basic need as claimed in #HousingForAll, government must regulate speculation in residential real estate and ensure timely delivery of properties to existing affordable home buyers who are burdened with rent and bank loan repayments. Ban entry of mere ROI focused entities info affordable housing market. No builders be allowed to get hysteric by spreading their wings with just project launch branding parties and feel the need for innovative realty marketing strategies while a rising number of apartments are lying vacant or incomplete due to low demand from actual end users and other litigation.

Fractional ownership of flats creates a cluster of acquaintances in real estate investment. Despite no bank loans, a known group of co-owners can avail of such a route. After selling, all the co-partners have to shell out the capital gain tax from the share of profit earned in the resale deal. But before jumping into hypes, fully understand in whose name the property will be registered at purchase and who signs the sale document and registration at the time of sale. What are the controls on funds that are pooled by different persons staying in different locations? Remember how chit-funds and similar financing joomlas work in this country!

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  1. Its extremely unfortunate that New properties are launched by some builders without first delivering on the old promise to customers. Assume builder is using customer’s hard earned money to launch these projects.

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