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Jun 23, 2015: With the growing number of corporate firms, shopping arcades, high-rise malls and educational institutions, the realty market in Gurgaon is escalating at a rapid rate. The city, being at the closest proximity to Delhi, offers plenteous options in residential property that promise high return on investments in the future. Read on to know the top advantages of buying an apartment for Sale in Gurgaon.
The demand of properties have been on the rise in Gurgaon since it started urbanizing.

From the under developed languid city of Haryana, Gurgaon has now emerged as one of the highly established, vibrant cities with significant developments being made in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Owing to its swift real estate developments, the city has successfully mapped itself into the world map. That in turn has wooed thousands of investors from all over the world to look for lucrative investment options in the city.

To cope up with the rising demands, several investors and developers have offered luxurious accommodations such as villas, bungalows, 1, 2, 3 BHK flats and mega integrated townships in Gurgaon, all of which are equipped with top class infrastructure and facilities that would certainly make your living beautiful and convenient.

Golf Course Extension, Dwarka expressway, Sectors 70 and Sector 78 are some of the most preferred localities that hold considerably good investment potential, thanks to the easy connectivity that NH8 provides to Manesar and Dwarka. Also, apartments in these areas are close to schools, shopping malls, local markets, hospitals and children parks, thereby offering convenience to the residents staying there.
Here are a few more benefits of buying an apartment for sale in Gurgaon:

#1 Easy and transparent deals: As compared to other cities in India, it is easy to find property deals in Gurgaon. Also, real estate transactions in Gurgaon are easy and transparent with the availability of good brokers, simple buy/sell transaction documentation, clean title and transfer process etc. Also, buyers need not pay any commission to the dealer in exchange of a property but they will have to negotiate with the builder or broker for a discount from the sale price which varies anywhere between 1% to 4%. This saving is totally dependent on how aware the buyer is and how well he/she can negotiate.

#2 High Returns on Investments (ROI): Gurgaon is the place which is offering high return in a very short period of time on the investment done on properties. People from different cities, from different states and even NRIs are investing in properties of Gurgaon. So whether you choose to buy a land, independent house, villas or 2 and 3 BHK apartments in a township in Gurgaon, you can be assured of getting high returns and profits in future.

#3 Availability of All Cheque Deals for Mid Income Group: Owing to the fact that a huge population in Gurgaon is of salaried professionals who generally purchase property by availing loans from banks, the properties in the city are available for all cheque deals as well. This allows the salaried class to buy property for investment or for their own use by availing bank loans.

#4 Small Term Investment Options: One can easily find property ranging between Rs. 15-20 lacs in Gurgaon. Generally, potential buyers in the city invest in new builder properties by making the initial payment and a few construction related payments to book the property and later sell the property for a decent profit over the amount invested. The financiers can then reinvest the profits and book another real estate deal.

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