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What You Need to Know About Property Maintenance? Whether you have purchased property for your personal residential use, business purposes or solely for an investment, you likely have expectations that your property will appreciate in value over time. While there are ups and downs associated with real estate market values, the overall long-term trend is for real estate values to rise over time. Maintaining your property in great shape is one of the best steps that you can take to promote higher property value, and there are a few things you need to know about property maintenance in order to protect your real estate investment over the entire time you own it. (Jun 13, 2015)

Why Property Maintenance is Important? While property and grounds maintenance are important to preserve and ultimately increase property values, there are other reasons why you want to take steps to keep your property in great shape on a regular basis. For example, preventive maintenance like inspections or other efforts can minimize the chance of a major repair issue from developing. Consider, for example, that a pest inspection can catch a termite infestation early on before major property damage occurs. Small steps taken regularly can actually help you to decrease the costs associated with repair work down the road. This can impact your total cost of ownership. In addition, deferred maintenance items can add up quickly. Deferred maintenance can result in lower overall property condition and value as well as high costs, so it is best to keep up with maintenance tasks on a regular basis.

Set Up a Regular Maintenance Plan

One idea that works well for many property owners is to set up a regular maintenance plan for their property. This may include different maintenance steps to take each month. For example, one aspect of spring monthly maintenance may include servicing the HVAC system. Other ideas include power washing the exterior, servicing the sprinkler system, replacing air filters and more. Some tasks, like grounds maintenance, can minimize repair issues related to exterior mold growth, foundation repair issues, siding repair tasks and other issues. There are maintenance plans available online for you to use as a starting point for developing your maintenance plan.

Identify and Make Repairs Quickly

While regular maintenance relates to cleaning the property and servicing the various components and systems in the building regular, another aspect relates to identifying problems early on. A small repair issue, such as a minor leak in the plumbing system, can easily turn into a major problem with significant repair costs. Therefore, as part of a great maintenance plan for your property, include time to observe the property and look for repair issues. The property should ideally be maintained in the state that it was in immediately after construction was completed.

It does take time and money to maintain a property, but it often takes more time and money to make major repairs and to complete deferred maintenance tasks. Consider setting up a regular maintenance plan for your property today, and begin following that plan to better care for your property.

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