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Feb 16, 2015: As Governments has brought about change in many sectors, especially the real estate industry. This step has paved the way for real estate developers to promote luxury homes in the southern cities of India. Earlier, there was a demand for properties only in the western region. But, the significant economic and social changes in the places such as Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, have led to investors seeking luxury apartments and residential properties in these southern areas. Read further to find out how these places in India can serve as the destination for the best luxurious homes.

• Factors are taken into consideration by potential investors and buyers

Before buyers purchase a property, investors and buyers give importance to all factors such as public transport, roads, security, locality, amenities, surroundings, etc. A switch in democracy has led to vast improvements in the country. The development of these southern cities, in terms of economy and infrastructure, has been encouraging and significant. According to a survey taken in Hyderabad, most potential buyers expressed their interest in purchasing residential properties because they were confident that real estate would be a good source of investment. Also, real estate developers feel that there is enough saturation of properties in western regions. Added to that, stiff competition makes it difficult for them to reach out to the masses. So, by expanding to southern areas in India such as Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore, it would be possible to offer the potential buyers a taste of luxurious homes. In the end, everyone is looking for decent returns on investment.

• Chennai

Property seekers are always looking for affordable housing options, and Chennai is one such place that is in demand and booming with luxury apartments at decent prices. Suburbs like Velacherry, Peringudi, and OMR have witnessed a rise in property investments. Since there are a few developers in India who currently offer luxurious homes, investors are finding the prices attractive. Over a period of time, there has been a steady increase in the demand for these properties.

• Hyderabad

You just cannot go wrong with purchasing residential properties in Hyderabad. Every property provides an investment prospect for 3-5 years. As a plus point, the socio-political and economic scenario is favourable for the real estate sector. The Telangana state government is supportive, and since Hyderabad is its jewel in the crown, it is taking new initiatives and developments. House of Hiranandani, a reputed builder in India, has won many accolades for their projects in these southern cities including Hyderabad. Their real estate projects and luxurious homes in India have got immense appreciation from potential buyers.

• Bangalore

Bangalore has witnessed multiple projects that people want to buy for becoming a part of a hip lifestyle. The apartments and villas in Bangalore by House of Hiranandani Developers not only provide luxury but also assure a notable growth in terms of capital appreciation. The residents of Bangalore are well-travelled and cultured. The real estate market in India is expecting high-end residential projects and luxurious homes to be steady over a short period. Those who have purchased villas and plots on the outskirts have earned higher ROIs, that is, return on investments. In the last 4-6 years, these top real estate developers have been instrumental in doubling the prices, thus increasing the profit margins on investments. So, you can choose to buy properties in these southern cities.

Real estate properties have always proved to be an important source of investment for people. It has created a victorious situation for the Government, buyers and developers. House of Hiranandani has always managed to win the trust of potential customers with their superior-quality luxurious homes and projects in India.

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