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Though window frames and shutters made of wood surely wins with a rich look, but it is at the expense of nature’s fast depleting greenery. Add it to, rain or water on wood brings in discoloration, expansion and decay. Metal windows are another alternative, even when choice for wood has increased and quality finish in polishing provided anti-termite and wear and tear protections.

To fill the gap between metal and wood, the windows and doors company Green Home Solution, dealing in UPVC windows, has announced its latest launch. Green Homes had earlier included a triple sealing system to its sliding windows to completely obliterate noise and dust, a rain-track for draining water outside, precision-engineered to withstand wind loads up to 250 kmph fitted with a special bars for towers. Do you wish to make your home aesthetically pleasing with energy efficient windows that can be your eyes out into the world?

Then you would go for UPVC products. Being perfect combination of strength and classy look, the UPVC made windows are widely demanded across the world. We comprehend your requirements and offer the world-class window designs for homes at rock bottom rates. Green Home Solution strength is derived from galvanised steel reinforcement, inserted in the UPVC (Un-plastered Poly Vinyl Chloride) profiles. UPVC is a widely used technology. In Europe, over 70% of the windows and doors in the replacement market see UPVC. They are weather-enduring, do not discolour, fire retardant, termite proof, and look plain and non-dramatic.
Says Depak Patil, Director, “Green Homes window’s dramatic shift (from the traditional grill and mesh on wooden frame) consists of an engineered UPVC frame that can accommodate a grill for security and a mesh to prevent insects from entering the home. The advanced UPVC blend makes the windows weather proof and provides insulation against noise and dust. It saves on air-conditioning costs and has negligible maintenance. Add to that the various wooden finishes, the villa window offers the best traditional window designs, rich finish and the benefits of UPVC.”

The villa window also expands the design possibilities available to home owners and architects. For the first time, sizes that span entire balconies and rise from floor to ceiling can be made in casements (windows with sash that open outside). In addition, bays, arches, and French windows can be created as the material has the flexibility of aluminium.

Green Homes has worked on specially designed steel reinforcements for exceptional strength to windows. The mullion provides adequate strength for use in high-rise buildings as well. The villa windows can withstand high velocity winds without the whistling or rattling through the window. In addition, Green Home Solution claims the villa windows will allow users to create bay windows at any angle, or for a slider-and-casement combo. Contemporary designs like glass-to-glass joints that allow windows to join at the corners without any members further add elements of style.

Says Depak Patil, “Design freedom is also complemented with variety finishes that include light oak (teak), mahogany and walnut and pristine white. Their insulation is through multiple-point locks, fusion-welded joints, and double sealing that ensure the non-entry of noise, dust and pollution. It cuts air conditioning costs by 30%, and its fire retardant blend ensures safety.”

The company explains that since Green Home windows are factory made, they don’t pose any problems in quality and consistency. Extrusion plants manufactures UPVC blend, especially engineered for harsh climates. The fabrication units of Green Home Solution are located in Hyderabad. The company has forged a technical collaboration, and windows can be customised in terms of size and specifications and will be available across the country.

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