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If what anti-corruption leaders says publicly is even 50% true, this country is standing nude, from every corner, thanks to decades of poisonous governance. So, no more “Vande Mataram”, it’s “Looto Mataram”, no more “Bow to Mother” but “Rape her”. In today’s India, we should weigh views of the non-corrupt higher than those preaching all other variables. Though we are NOT sure if they can literally throw out the corrupt (no easy fishing!) from the system altogether given the power and also remember that corruption is more about people than systems. They must promise and deliver a corruption-mukth India, rather than a congress-mukth India! While later may serve their party’s branding interest or imperialist empire agenda, corruption FREE India is what most commoners will be proud of.

So their messages are cheered by some, but equally feared by some, maybe the ones who grow and breed on corruption. Corruption as rampant as it is in India, some fancy media findings also reveal that we do not know what a world WITHOUT corruption looks like. It appears that we are merely agreeing with something that appears to be helpless to change. Battling corruption is almost an individual’s priority. Lead by example. Then you have a country, a state, a family or an organization that does better for all, NOT a few. Fostering a healthy environment is harder from the bottom up but so much easier when you have good, ethical, people at the top.

The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business survey ranks India 173rd out of 185 countries when it comes to starting a business, behind Malawi, Niger, Sudan and Guatemala. Transparency International in 2012 ranked India 94th out of 174 countries on its corruption table – a fall from 72nd five years earlier. Even for a simple thing like putting up signage in front of your store you are harassed for money. There are many bodies regulating (a confused lot also) that and the permits needed to set up even a small shop are baffling.

“Tolerance of injustice upon you and kindness to devil, both are nothing but ignorance & cowardice. Raise the arm and fight it. – Gita”

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