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Aug 13, 2019: It is just suspension of one junior IAS officer, a big deal? Hope not a political propaganda by some vested parties, as usual to garner voter attention. It is NO secret that many rare brave-hearts are targets of quick-money seekers. This case does not sound to be related to religion, women, bureaucracy or any other election material – it’s ugly corruption at play again. Anyway, its soothing to hear that few young bureaucrats are ready to fight against their own breed of corrupt IAS / IPS gang, politicians can come next.

What the Government in power there had done is NOT new or alien to our political-class, but who cares, let’s grab the moment for mudslinging. What we cannot realize is that current available brands of political alternatives will be NO better. Previous democratic formations had done many such acts of bravery, they have already formed a corrupt clone of governing bureaucratic forces, who are ready to please masters at every cost with dangerous but silent decent. Such cases coming to open discussions are rare, but similar sacrifices will surely keep the hopes alive.

Do not care if a temple or mosque is demolished or falls apart, if it is built on bad foundation in the first place – anyway we need good and fair governance not more religious places. Why no such wide uproar when an illegal building falls, simply because builders have already paid to party funds? Right wing capital loving fellows also say that everyone has a right to natural resources, old gangs looted now we will loot – ram naam ki loot hai loot sako to loot – sensational, add to it “alla ke naam pe loot le baba”. Though that “everyone” will be no more than a few hundred mafia millionaire (or hoopla leaders) in their close-knit gang, NOT millions of poor & desperate minorities they may claim to represent.

Qualified young from Indian middle class who become bureaucrats are humiliated by petty leaders often with criminal background. Every 5 years or so we hear some bold steps by officers to bring down malpractices and are suspended while corruption happens here every 5 minutes in every walk of common life. Do you expect bold steps from a politician! Why will they curb their primary source of income? Live in fools paradise. They get re-elected. Why is our democratic system rewarding the worst, corrupt, inefficient, ruthless people is a BIG question?

On the other side, politicians are also surviving because of the selfish and corrupt bureaucracy who want plum post and near power center. But nothing is exempt from being used for political mileage – communal politics, separatist politics, caste politics, capital politics, you name it! No ground left for honest citizens, they either have to surrender to the high-handedness of company’s so-called politicians and their corrupt allies or face nazi orders.

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