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Sep 11, 2013: Some claim that virtual offices have emerged as a real option for start-ups (mostly Internet driven ideas) because of rocketing real estate prices in India’s commercial hubs. They use the service to get an address in a well-known business park, but work out of a real office that might be away in a suburb. So camouflage with virtual extravaganza to start-up and show-off with solid backing of shrewd venture capitalists. A perfect situation with excuses to run-away in case an idea fails, like our chit fund, Ministers of NPA, network marketing, finance and other similar ventures selling big dreams!

Entrepreneurs and change-makers are mostly amateur risk-takers, not the ones looking for easy ways out inside a virtual cave. The positive thinking goes like “the universe is not here to comfort us or nurture us, rather it serves to frustrate us and make us grow...” See there is always an element of unreasonableness. The choice is upon the individual to take a stance to create a positive or negative way, whether it is professional or personal. There is no specific time to make that change from within. The clay to create is in front of us all the time, it is for us to create and enjoy being like a potter at play. It comes down to one’s internal desire to maintain excitement within one’s work and it varies w.r.t our values and attitudes. What excites or cools me, may bore you, and the vice-versa.

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