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The sponsors of corruption events are equal partners. A big name is visa or birth right to automatic clean-chit or soft-corners or white-wash by competing brands. The self-declared ruling groups should remind all Indians about historical imperial cleverness, barring technological innovations and lifestyle tweaks, times had never changed for better. The intermittent ruling classes who had inherited and learned many tricks are happily experimenting on people at large over the years. Most of the looters have a history which link back to human atrocities even many centuries back – some made heros, some caught abruptly, many stories missing from sponsored and cooked-up text books we were made to learn and believe. (Oct 19, 2013)

No wonder the looting media with group affiliations are willingly trapped and indulged in the nexus for windfall fruits after elections – from one group or another who are scratching each other’s back in the darks. Of course, like their rich ancestors, the looters will find their places in history books or gadgets of coming centuries, pay and get published. With your own terms and wisdom, find about the Vasco da Gama to Fort William for a refresh. If a baba can dream of thousands of tons of looted (no King, Emperor or Viceroy laid golden eggs from back!) gold dumped somewhere, why can’t you? Don’t worry the #ED (Enfiercing DirecToRot) mostly wakes on चाणक्य bureau’s call for elite non-conformists, DNR (Divide & Rule) just to terrorize, extort, disperse and rattle its private crime partners (i.e. the confused opposition brands) on time via smart media manipulation and paid events!

When few speculators drive major and lucrative parts of economies such as housing, energy, telecom, utilities or tech sector for their own ends and the crime-partner governments provide tax concessions and necessary legal / security frameworks, conditions of living created for rest of the population become rather bleak to the point of losing freedom to live for many and opens huge potential for abuse of power to further violate consumer and human rights.

Industrialists, Politicians, Bureaucrats, pro-Market economy pundits are slamming cases against big names and clean corrupt-cats in coal loot saying it will scare the industry and harm investor climate. One group bargains for silence while another loots, and vice-versa. Institutions like CID, CBI, ED etc.. are there for political arbitration, not for real investigation affecting crores of poor corruption-infected, isn’t it still loud and clear! If it scares the cronies and sends them a strong message that they cannot loot and siphon off public wealth in the name of doing some development businesses of scale, it has to be corrected. How will the license for eternal loot get new official renewals otherwise? How will the X trillion dollars empire last longer? Change of Governments is merely a farcical spectator sport and media event, to say the least.

Same breed of ruling royals cum emperors keep propping themselves as my baaps and matas with power of looted black-money, PR events and public resources, change only sounds like a positive propaganda. The hard-skinned super rich (bonded election sponsors) who owns huge resources mostly via crooked means, never cared for masses and never will unless terminated or pushed back abruptly one fine day. The affiliated bhakts will spread this as an extreme and rare voice. So be it, better than whisper sweetly and loot.

End Result: More corrupt financial capitalism fostering the culture of scams and collection extortion via suit-boot executives in collusion with cyber cells, call centers and mobile apps mafia. Scams have centered around malpractices in governance: owners and promoters of big companies, political parties and institutions have defrauded citizens to enrich and develop themselves smartly abusing legal, accounting, security, taxation, enforcement, investigative and documentation systems.

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