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After Germans, Japanese, etc.. Russians, Soviets & Chinese are now focus of West as emerging superpowers – who are continuously evaluating their future global prowess both economic and military so they can tag them and start doing something to counter-it maybe. Ideals from epics and lessons of history are hardly in trend or cool for the modern science riders or what, and sound bytes of leaders like Mandela, George, Lenin, Gandhi, Bhagat, etc are non-existent in today’s quick-bucks world taken over by digital cronies & propaganda artists.

If capitalists are invading communists or vice-versa to save their own asses, elected or selected leaders in real value-based, peace-loving social democracies must sacrifice their own domestic compulsions in taking a side for fame or profiteering else risk its poorer populations to slow extinction or economic extermination!

The West and Rest had realized long back that people like Mandela hardly wins, they are seen as ideal universal heroes, but few bhakts close to them are bound to take advantages of such inspiring mortals for material gains. Like Gandhi’s efforts in our country, Africa is no better despite Mandela’s heroic efforts. The memorials and showcases are just tricks of those replaced bhakts to fool public, it’s business as usual after few weeks or years, as the benchmarks of success / growth are twisted severely. Already a significant regional power, only India and Japan offer any kind of credible competition, China is increasing global influence with its economic policies in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

But many experts believe that for a country to become a true global power it needs both unrivaled economic and military dominance. Chinese defense spending has been rising steadily since the Gulf war. Some Western greedy will cheer when China decides to take over Taiwan and push to tag a superpower label to it. Add to it, natural or cooked up disputes cum fights amongst locals come as lucrative bonuses for traders of arms, currency, stocks, insurance, media items, minerals, banking fancy, goods and services. Make no mistake, nation states are not fighting, conflicting or disputing each other in reality – its organized cronies vs the scattered & sucked rest!

So mind your representative leaders first, why you must blindly worship populists despite them being just the fellow humans! But we do hear many stories, jingo, rhetoric and reasons except this. National pride is natural and geographical truth, but handsomely sold by leaders to keep engaged the slaves, wahhabis, jugaadu, yankees, jihadis, bhakts.. etc. Our birth-rights are marketed as given back to us by business cronies turned robin-hood sociopaths and religious psychopaths!

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory. It can use force against the island if it ever formally sought independence. Quite similar to some disputed areas surrounding India and anyone can guess how dangerous this region will become if both starts to think in similar colonial lines impressed by West-sponsored who is best horse race. Crony-owned Paid Media are best platforms to sell “divide & rule” in style, to regain passive colonies?

Foreign policy lobbyists argue that tipping point is military to have the ability to threaten a neighbor’s military action without the threat of challenge. But competitors like Russia and China knows they would lose a war today but can overtake other self-declared superpowers very soon. When you can truly challenge those so-called superpowers you will be recognized as a global superpower. What a bullshit, but these deep-state hired experts know how to coin and define new terms.

As Martin Luther King Jr said: The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the black community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people for many of our white brothers as evidenced by their presence here today have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone. And as we walk we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. Gandhi had similar thinking during India’s incomplete independence movements.

If common-sense prevails we will like to judge whether a country is a threat to world peace not by looking at its economy or military strength but by analysing the policies it pursues and its contribution to international order. Extending that logic, even if China’s economy or power surpass that of the U.S. is not a bad news for the West unless they have some hidden destructive agendas like they had for erstwhile USSR, Mid-East, Japan, Israel, Korea, Afghanistan, Germany, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Africa, Syria, Cuba and many other odd economies of the World.

People spoke similar glowing words about the USSR in the 1930s which is why so many people in the US became communists and FDR tried to remake the US in the image of the USSR. Funny how people ignore history. Mises wrote in the 1920s that the USSR could not last because without accurate prices they would waste more than they produced. And they did and US is sadly following that path now at the expense of its own native culture! By the 1950s the USSR could not even feed its people, and if it was really an organic natural death w/o interventions, nothing wrong or any agitation. Though many will have opposite stories with some apparent West-sponsored campaigns trying to forcefully impose pro-looter ideas world-wide. Either you’re with us, or you’ll be nuked, its our paternal planet!

The corporate media has been consistently wrong in predicting the future of emerging economies using faulty political & economic theories, assumptions, ideologies, dogmas, values. For example freedom & democracy are not the be-all and end-all, human values systems are supreme since dawn of civilizations. Just because China, Russia or any other nation does not practice Western style brand and corporate democracy does not necessarily mean that they will fail. West should discard pet theories in the rubbish and go back to square one to discover what emerging human beings did right all these years.

For me, economic developments are just byproducts of society, so no special focus here, there are many vocal experts for these topics anyway. I do know that some social growth of China, Russia and other emerging geographies has occurred thanks to their willingness to learn lessons from the success of western value systems and also avoiding the mistakes from failures, despite the evil cronies. Most importantly due to the assertive and some uniquely selfless wise humans, no not those artificial democracy reselling celebrities! And I think that the only way western groups can really lose from re-rise of old powers is by forgetting those very same lessons in a mad superpower race.

“You get a perfect shape only if metals taking direct blows are also hot, not enough if hammers / minds are red hot like plasma!” GyanKiBaat by Sudhir Panda

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  1. Finance, Food & Fuel already under stress due to Russia-Ukraine-NATO mess, now the anti-social cronies are pampering for Chips & Hardware scarcity via US-China-Taiwan.. North America doesn’t run the world, but are one of the few at the front of the pack owning much of Internet backbone and digital infra worldwide, so the moment it attempt strides for the better, the rest of the world eagerly follows suit, or something like that, as long other countries are led by shameless corrupt cronies profiteering from War & D2R games (both locally or globally) they have no moral right to oppose the US openly, that’s for sure!

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