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Dec 21, 2013: If someone is mistreated, the person do needs protection and support. But consider in this process why are we brain-washed by media and politicians to ignore a bureaucrat’s misconduct in another country? That was part of their gang and popular culture, maybe coming from a small pony trying to be rich in a perfectly normal Indian way. Also possibly the class is immune to such a global application of law, while sheltering giants at home who will be useful in bad times.

Looking for reciprocal benefits and ignorance or softness of law for desi-elite group who frequent the West, invite big corporations to invest / profit here, but allow them to forget morality, ethics or social order – in sync with character.

How do the thousands of migration dalals or visa agents in India earn money? They belong to the same closely-knit class who are adapted to the corrupt system and get furious when one of their clones are asked for a reality check, after all tomorrow it can be their turn. It is no wonder, for example, why the state run airlines are bankrupt – even relatives and friends of the elected my baaps are abusing and raping state resources for personal fun and gains, 24/7.

Was voters asked for all these before pressing the button to select someone from some group? Can’t in today’s technology world, physical presence in another country be reduced drastically? Save jet fuel and money of millions poor in this country spent for extravagant show of strength and privilege via wings like Indian Family Service (IFS), MLA, MP, etc…

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