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With govt players dumped, the private telecom smarties now have full freedom to insert whatever apps / scripts on any consumer’s devices with help of same sarkari + private agencies, and many fancy looking bugs / spies / viruses / apps gaining excuses for privacy abuse to organizations of all types and sizes, the great game of mass-surveillance is starting to thrive now. The cold war between the so called public-private partnership agencies for loot vs the citizens and ethical firms is mostly over.

The politically cherished companies are now openly and daringly experimenting over Internet and inserting whatever stuff can increase its apps ROI. By the way, this is NOT showcase of any great technology, solution or innovators, but just backdoor loot jugaad. The sheer ability of such private profiteers (with inbuilt links in Govt agencies) to get access to public information with help of telecom authorities is frightening.

Bhrast bandar ke haath main adrak, kya kaamal hai?

Hiding behind AI stuff, soon they will broadcast ads forcefully, advertise richness of its breed, dope new kids and teens, spread rumors, run anti-social nazi propaganda and much more… Though the apps owned by desperate advertising companies (masquerading as tech firms) is not the ONLY big problem. The kind of public corruption prevailing, it is anyone’s guess what they are up-to, walking on a cliff, transgressing all moral boundaries.

Few years back, some sellers and celebrities used to ask us can’t we appear on everyone’s computer forcibly (by hook or crook), the dreadful dream is coming to reality thanks to those cronies who’re daringly marching to colonize public network backbones with its private app innovation dopes, while capitalist advertisers have reasons to re-cheer and en-cash, killing our cognitive power and social democracy.

Pledge to take a few breaks everyday to kiss your Smartphone!

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