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Get end-to-end website designing & development solutions. It is a place where you can get a complete web solution. From the birth of a site to maturity it in competitive market. Unlike other Web firms, Solution Point offers unique synthesis, fusing your goals and ideas with professional approach, excellence in web development, mobile apps, Internet promotion, digital marketing innovation and above all – trust and reliability. We create websites and mobile applications that focus on encouraging communication, refreshing experiences, exploration and are developed on our core value of making the complex simple for the informed clients.

Range of inexpensive digital solutions for both small website owners and businesses that need a secure and responsive presence on the internet without falling prey to the unknown and fancy brand hypes. Our #1 Priority is making your website load on visitor’s blink with any device! Looking for Secure Dedicated Web or Email Server? Rock-solid performance; perfect for larger sites / apps!

Multi Domain Responsive Web Presence with Google and Mobile optimized powerful shared and dedicated servers: Perfect for NGOs, small business owners, web designers, resellers, business websites, mail servers and blogs. Comes with Linux, BSD, Windows, PHP, .Net, Java, Nginx, Apache and more. Securely host unlimited domains, business emails, useful mobile features. Web marketing, social media promotion, search advertising tools and add-ons with insights, solutions, mobile apps and marketing ideas that help shape your digital future.

Solution Point creates professional, high-end open source and custom built website design and development solutions with the latest in web / mobile standards, compliance for maximum ease-of-use, stability, reach and speed. You need a great-looking, easy-to-find and fast-loading website. The truth is, you can’t afford NOT to have a great website. Bad websites do not cut anymore! Get a Free Domain Name + VPS Hosting + Drupal CMS + CiviCRM implimentation + Your Own Mobile Apps + You fully own your digital assets, with Solution Point. Explore http://indiahosting.org for more.

We know, there are lots of people and greedy large outfits out there slapping together cheap budget websites and the results are as obvious: amateurish, bloated, slow-loading, search engine unfriendly sites that break when viewed across multiple browsers and operating systems. Some firms even do it free just to monopolize in future and fool the website owner and the larger user-base. If you actively support and work towards “Freedom of Internet”, we can extend special discounts on our fees for custom, open and honest web services.

Website Design & Development – Mobile Application Development – ERP/CRM – Media & Magazine Sites – Drupal Service Plans – E-Learning & Education – Enterprise Web Portals – WordPress Business Blogs

With a team of highly skilled individuals, we pride on our innovative and creative approach to business websites, portals, dedicated servers, secure SSL hosting, corporate mail servers, CMS, blogs, shopping carts, applications, managed hosting, website design, online marketing and advertising, mobile-friendly sites and interactive multimedia. We undertake web site service projects for hundreds of clients across India and beyond. Our objective is to deliver products that look and feel great and offer bottom line benefit to YOU.

1. Corporate or Business Web Sites and Portals
2. Websites and Portals for NGOs and Non Profit organizations
3. Web Portals for Government organizations and agencies
4. Promo Web Sites for small companies and startup entrepreneurs
5. Internet and Social Media marketing agency services
6. E-Governance and Customer Service CMS
7. Full Service E-commerce Portals for manufacturers and traders
8. Mobile and Tablet Compatible sites and apps for Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry, etc..

Write to info@osspl.com for quote or explore http://indiahosting.org for more details

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  1. 90% of a website’s popularity (search engines, social media and real decisive visitors) is still driven by great content, beyond and above all formal metrics, ranks and fancy SLAs.

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