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Jun 29, 2014: Social media has ruined marketing OR it is helping to demoralize the corrupt in marketing? Social media is ruining ideas of life…. primarily thanks to big brands supported by a bunch of marketing cronies investing the looted wealth to monopolize Internet. Who to follow on Twitter, Meta Insta, Whatsapp, Fakebook recommends, LinkedIN verified – these are all used by paid advertisers trying to penetrate minds of millions with money power. They are dangerously going beyond simple business goals, using all possible means being close associates of governments world-over. And these social media giants gracefully partners with fellow cronies, this is how social media is REALLY ruining societies as whole, marketing is just a subset.

The fact that there is a huge chunk of your target audience on the web already brainwashed makes it almost essential to incorporate social media into your marketing campaign. The under 40s are on Fakebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.. most times of a day, which makes it imperative for any serious marketer to reach out to them socially and drive the message home. Social media spies provide tools to research your market and customer-base. With access to profiles for bucks on mediums such as Fakebook, Twitter and Google +, you can access their Likes and Dislikes, their check-ins, tweets, etc., which help you understand your customer up-close and personal – and that too, at little or no cost.

If you are still hell-bent on using traditional marketing, you have still not been able to see the writing on the wall. Who knows, 10 years from now, traditional marketing might not even exist. In the hindsight though, marketing talent have many meanings, not simply ideal wisdom or brainpower. Champs like A Raja, Kalmadi, Sahara Chit.. and their chelas.. have strategic talent in abundance put to use for looting millions from the deprived. Some can live happily with corrupt, some can compromise, some will just hate – that’s an unfortunate fate for cronies. The corrupt rich must learn to digest it and re-pump their strategists and delay a possible extinction of their rare breed.

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