Another storm threatens to strike Orissa / Andhra coasts – master plans restart

Babus never miss giving fancy names to disasters and conference photo ops to lure prospective customers (ok, vote for masters), this time calling it Hudhud… Few years back, some publicity moves were made to install Doppler radars in Gopalpur, Balasore, Paradip and Sambalpur. Though one such facility has been installed at Paradip, it is yet to become operational. AFTER the news of the cyclone broke, a team from Indian Meteorology Department (IMD) has risen from their “swacha sarkari beds” and rushed to Gopalpur to install doppler weather radar.

It will be commissioned after cyclone hits. Diplomats will say, communication during emergency is an important issue, yes this is a nobel and recurring discovery. The defense ministry had called for some security audit by independent agencies before installation of the Doppler radar at Paradip. It was apprehended that the in-built chips in the radar might help in the transfer of vital information to China. Oh, what about in-built chips in all other gadgets carried by millions elsewhere, who cares, the traders are developing and importing cutting-edge tech for us.

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