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As the Electronic Health Records & Digital Medical Data have been very crucial, and need of the hour. It helps individuals to store & analyse health reviews. Individual has access to it’s own health records which are regularly monitored by experts with their review and comments. Such reports also helps Patient to get it’s health review checked by various health specialists. (Oct 17, 2014)

Health Review Benefits:

Manages the health records for every Individual
Provides Systematic Health Review
Stores Electronic health records and billing details of patient
Helps better Electronic claims management
Management of EHR and reporting
Track reimbursement
Records demographics and payment related information of patients
Stores Electronic health records and billing details of patient
Systematic Settlement of claims
Safe and secure follow-up management, saves paper
Custom Health Review Report generation along with archiving
Automated Electronic health review recording and messaging
Store and manipulate stored source data used in Health Review reports
Management of storage and security of Health care Reviews
Custom Electronic health review and filing
Custom Electronic health review with charting

Remember for original inventors, mobile apps were contributing many services to business, education, entertainment, utility and more. The advancement in mobile technology also reduced the difficulties in completing a task and saves time. Customized apps enhance processes and provide high efficiency, as they’re user-friendly and easily accessible from anywhere, anytime. Some are available for offline access.

But now many greedy profiteers found lucrative alternatives for easy money making, dumped ethical creativity. Many applications are JUST built or rebuilt updated to steal and abuse sensitive data of customers (ZERO innovation) such as bank account details, personal identification, photos / videos, credit or debit card numbers, private preferences, locations, etc. Here security and social responsibilities are crucial factors. Both users and developers should be more concerned about data.

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