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Oct 18, 2014: What happens when a young woman from an affluent family, believes she has met the man of her dreams, only to discover she has been living in a fool’s paradise? The handsome, charming, and cunning stranger will not only awaken her sexual inhibitions but will draw her into his sinister plot, leaving her asking, “What type of monster did his parents create?”

Awesome Petté and Christine Bailey were destined to meet. Both of their families were successful. Although, her family was more prosperous than his was. His family could not hold a candle in their world. Old money carried more standing than some Johnny-come-lately, which was what the Pettés were, arriving too late to the billionaires’ ball.

The community center, where Christine worked, provided preparation and assistance to people who wanted to start their own venture or make improvements on an existing business. Volunteering her expertise in this area was one way to give back to the community.

Her parents would say, “It is your duty to help those who are less fortunate than you are.” Whether it was out of guilt for having so much given to her or just being altruistic, Christine would become a non-paying consultant to potential or current entrepreneurs at the center.

When she first walked into the classroom, a feeling of ecstasy took control of her body. She could not comprehend why these emotions were starting to overpower her. She was never one to allow anything or anyone to distract her from her work.

What is going on here? Christine asked herself. What is happening to me? My panties are moist; my nipples are hard. I had better start meditating before I end up embarrassing myself. Finally, those feel-good sensations subsided.

Scanning the room, she took a deep breath and introduced herself. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ms. Christine Bailey, but you may call me Christine.” She had to pause for a second. “I will be your instructor for the next twelve weeks. Before we begin, please, introduce yourself. Tell me why you are here; what do you hope to get out of this course, and what are your plans for the future.”

There were eight students taking the course. Each person gave some information about him or herself.

“I would like to open a daycare center.”
“My intention is to start a tech company.”
“Opening a clothing store has always been a dream of mine.”
“We can always use more eating establishments in our community.”
“I am very good at styling hair. My goal is to open a hair salon.”

Suddenly, a voice interjected. “Hello, Christine. My name is Awesome Petté. I am taking this course because I plan to become a millionaire before age thirty.”

Christine was in a state of amusement. “Mr. Petté, are you trying to be funny? Did someone say you were awesome, and you could not take a joke?” Everyone roared with laughter.

“No! I am not attempting to be a comedian. My first name is Awesome. If you check your roster, you will see. My parents bestowed that name to me for reasons I do not wish to discuss. Perhaps, over dinner, I can tell you why they gave me that name,” he responded, gazing at her vertically.

By now, some of the students were beginning to dislike his attitude and saw him as an arrogant little man and a butt kisser. If Christine had those same thoughts, no one in the classroom would ever know, because Awesome Petté had her completely under his control. She now understood why those hidden sentiments exploded inside of her when she walked into that classroom. That fine-looking hunk was transmitting telepathic vibrations to me. Lord, deliver me from temptation.

While talking, Christine had trouble concentrating. She was fumbling over her words. At times, she was repeating herself. Students were beginning to notice her eyeballs fixated on Awesome. It was as though no one else was in that room but the two of them.

The class was supposed to meet for two hours, but Christine decided to end the lecture after sixty minutes. Everyone got the message: Awesome Petté was going to be her little pet.

Release Date: October 31, 2014
Kindle Edition: $4.99

About the Author:
Born in 1946, Vivienne Diane Neal is a writer, blogger, and an author. She is a storyteller with a wicked sense of humor, has been writing articles for over thirty years and started penning fictional short stories in 2007. Vivienne gets her story ideas from observing people, places and things and watching true TV court cases and talk shows.

Her fifth book, Retribution Unleashed, ranked No. 66 on UBAWA’s (Urban Books, Authors, and Writers of America) top 100 Books of 2013.

Now, semi-retired, she continues to write short stores and articles on love, romance, relationships, and other topics of interest on her blog for other online publications.

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