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On this Children’s Day, 2014, ChildIDkit.in a SafetyKart initiative is glad to announce the launch of India’s first, Child ID Kit, a kit which helps preserve a child’s identity in a hassle-free and easy process. The Child ID Kit will help parents to capture important and necessary information about the child. This kit is uniquely designed to store all necessary and critical information of the child, like physical characteristics, fingerprints, etc. In emergency or in an event a child goes missing, this Child ID Kit will give authorities vital information to assist in their efforts to locate a missing child and handover to his/her rightful parents.

One of the most important factors in locating a missing child is the time taken to pass on data related to child identification to the Police or law enforcement forces. This is where Child ID Kit comes handy.

“Government statistics indicate that every year more than 100,000 children go missing. Non-government sources put this figure at as high as three times. Isn’t that horrifying? We all hope and believe that we will not be one of those unfortunate parents! It certainly makes a lot more sense to be a little more careful in order to handle such unfortunate incident efficiently. Child ID Kit helps you do that. This specially designed kit easily helps in identifying your missing child with the trace of fingerprints, body marks, etc. It is an inexpensive and a simple effort to deal with that 0.001% probability! I am confident that every parent will find this very useful and necessary,” said Partha Sarathi Guha Patra, Co-Founder of SafetyKart.com.

National Crime Records Bureau, states missing children figures as one child going missing in the country every eight minutes. More worrying is percentage of girls going missing, more than the number of boys. The reason being either they are killed or pushed into begging or sex rackets . Children are innocent and are vulnerable to influences, so they can be pushed into any racket quickly. The situation gets even worse when there is no way to trace a missing child.

This is where Child ID Kit comes to real help. It helps all emergency response forces in locating & identifying missing children more efficiently using the data stored in the kit. This kit is available free for a single pack and for a minimal price on packs of 4 and 6 at childIDkit.in.

A simple precaution can go a long way in ensuring Child Safety in our country, and help in faster retrieval of lost and missing children.

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