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Within months of its launch, it has earned the third largest market share of online classifieds in India. With thousands of ads the site is well positioned to become India’s largest online classified site. The site is also the third largest online classified in Uttarakhand, with many active ads.

The site contains 12 different categories and 110 subcategories to enhance the customer experience when buying and selling items online. The #1 ad category on the site is Home with ads that contain a wide range of items in Home, Furniture and Garden, Home Appliances, Decorating, Painting, DIY, Gardening and Outdoor, Household, Linen, and other subcategories.

The other most popular categories are Leisure with live ads, followed by Fashion, Vehicle ads, Electronic ads, and Services.

A Customer-Centric Online Classified Solution
The exceptional success of The site is largely due to its unique & customer friendly features which help visitors to use it efficiently and faster. The site has a number of unique selling points that make it stand out in the Indian market :

– Option to create free showcases for Individuals and professionals
– Ability to customise showcase by adding a title, a description and a profile picture
– Advanced functionalities such as the ability to track value of remaining stock and total amount of sales
– Social Media Integration allows easy sharing with Facebook friends and Twitter followers

The site is a rapidly growing classified site in the Indian marketing and is becoming the people’s choice when it comes to selling and purchasing goods online.

About Padawan Group
The site is part of the company Padawan Group. Located in 90-92 Great Portland Street, W1W 7NT, London. Established in 2012. Padawan Group is present in 21 countries in 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia and Africa. 50 employees based in offices located in Paris, London and Los Angeles.

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