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Online shopping portal features a wide section for Medical Diagnostics, Health & Medicine Supply products that has many useful deals for the online shoppers. There are a number of wellness devices and other stuff like digital BP monitor, anti-diabetic medicines, steam vaporisers, glucose monitoring equipment, heating pad, stethoscope and much more. Partners: http://cds.org.in/

The section also includes a chilli spray that is basically a self-safety tool for women. The chilli spray online availability makes it very easy for any girl to place an order. The combo of a B.P. monitor and a glucometer is another good offer due to its discounted price of Rs. 2500. Getting both the useful medical equipment at such a pocket-friendly price is what makes it a unique deal.

The section also carries some other popular, health-related items like nebuliser, heating gel pad, knee hammer and vaporiser etc. The Ashoka Piston Compressor Nebuliser Kit is priced at Rs. 1500 while the vaporiser’s total purchase cost is Rs. 275. Vaporiser is a widely-known wellness tool used for inhaling steam. It is also considered a beauty device as steaming is an essential skincare ritual as well.

Apart from these products, this category also features stethoscopes, B.P. Apparatus, knee hammer, organic hand sanitizer, non-sterile disposable examination gloves and a couple of herbal medicines. The pack of anti-diabetic capsules and tea is also a popular item. Aimed at controlling the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. Other organic medicines listed by this merchant are related to weight loss, heart-health, memory enhancement and treating hypertension to name a few.

Basically, it is a very comprehensive division that contains a variety of stuff for different needs. The web-users can explore the section to buy glucometer online or order any other apparatus at concessional rates.

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