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Dec 21, 2014: What happens when a woman dreams of a perfect family and in just one moment all her dreams shattered right in front of her eyes? What happens when a man wants to give everything to his family but his hands are chained by the fate?

Title: Derivation of Life
Synopsis: Archana always wanted to provide a perfect life for her family but the course of her life takes a drastic turn when she has her second child. Will her family have the same life ever again? Set in the early 90’s of Ujjain, Derivation of Life throws a light on a middle class family and their quest to find happiness.

Derivation of Life is a family saga which throws a light on the life of a middle class family and their quest to find happiness in the darkness. The book is currently available on all the leading Indian online stores.

Viraj J. Mahajan is basesd out of Ujjain, India and currently lives in Mumbai with his friend and his Labrador. He graduated from Ujjain and came to Mumbai to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. Before penning down his debut novel, Derivation of Life, Viraj worked with Radio industry as the script writer. Viraj’s debut novel, Derivation of Life, is based on the experiences he had while living in Ujjain.

Apart from writing, Viraj is a prominent photographer and has a varied collection of candid and landscape photographs which he shot in his travelling. Viraj is socially active and if you wants to connect with him you can connect to him on his social media pages.

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