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Shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting users who wish to move to improved platforms will be provided accounts for migrating their servers running demanding web, mobile, cloud or mail services with thousands of daily users, we deliver non-standard and highly customized server platforms unheard of in today’s hyped digital marketplace. A domain name with FREE SSL certificate installed on. This covers our fees to provision your server’s hardware and software, to harden LAMP / LNMP for production use and compliance. It also covers training to get you up to speed! We take the curve out of learning for you!

You can now scale websites efficiently without any downtime or outages even if there is a rapid increase in traffic. Take a simpler path to cloud computing and integrate the cloud with your business and IT infrastructure with our BSD / Linux cloud servers in India – high-performance, reliable servers designed to help you grow and scale your business quickly and easily.

All the power of the Cloud combined with the simplicity of Shared Hosting is what you get with our Cloud offering! Your website or app pages will load from the state-of-the-art cloud setup and this will further be boosted by caching configuration, thereby delivering blazing fast page loads! With a top-of-the-line technology platforms, leveraging high-end processors, high-performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud on local platforms gives you the performance you were expecting.

The Example MailPoint – Your email marketing strategy begins with a dedicated IP address and the latest version mailing software installed. This will allow you to send out opt-in bulk email to your interested clients and visitors. A dedicated IP address setup in SPF ensures authority of the IP address to send your email. A high rate of delivery is expected. Bounce handlers enabled! HTML enabled! Gear up your email marketing strategy! Plan your email marketing strategy before the end of the year! This is an easy add-on to the Hosting packages as well as the search engine tools. Stay in contact with email marketing! Using email marketing to reach your past clients is a great way to bring your customers back to your website.

Communicate with your Opt-In clients in a manner that improves your digital reach and cut through all the recent brand hypes encroaching your genuine business with deception! Other integrated services are available in the areas of Web Designing, Web Development, Digital Media and web-based enterprise solutions. Our young and energetic team of developers, web designers, media and domain experts deliver timely, strategically designed and efficient solutions to meet your digital goals.

Get a Freebie White Paper! Setup your own Open Source cloud server for sharing files and editing documents on cloud or even build your own social media network. Run ownCloud on Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, PHP, MySQL, NGINX or custom built. If you prefer using the owncloud manual system you can skip some of the steps. Here is a tutorial based on latest BSD but should mostly work with other OS versions. Download Guide for FREE!

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Want to develop your own in-house cloud servers? Download the Free White Paper: https://assets.wisepoint.org/docs/cloud-guide.pdf and explore http://wiki.osspl.com

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