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Another bankster on roll with Gujju-fied RBI jugaad? Shooting back my way: Refund was promised before paying, their way. ONLY reason paid and applied in first place. I’ve VERY LOW trust with banking auto-replies, my hard-earned money looted via cheap luring tactics by your bank’s fraudulent loan SOPs / BOT agents. I do not expect any white-collar response. Only demand bank to refund back with fines due to delays and harassment. Why should I patiently pay you fees, am I bank’s cooperating shareholder or some slave deeming salvation via surrendering suicide, while hailing the network of Führer?

NOT an exception, these are mutated hyper rules of “digitized nazi capitalism”, which very few are able to fight-back anyway, so many cheers for banking rot, profiteering lot and deep state’s policy milking cat aiming at its next majority votes to suck-back strategically!

Digital Media alias the Network of Wilful Zombies.. suckers are spreading across all cosmic highways. You’re forcefully embedded into connected Nazi’s mob as standalone, drive with care steering the political wolves of fingertip’s game. Vedic rules are made or dissected here, if popular or not who cares except some smart profiteers! Capitalists vs other ideologies is always Geo-neutral and funny. They plan harming each other for profits of its own gang, and still expect to enjoy flower garlands as return gift birthright now or when the war dust settles. There are powerful auditing forces much beyond fancy technologies and branded leaders.

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