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Windows have come a long way from being merely a hole in the wall. Nowadays, customers order windows which act as an insulating medium from heat and sound, have a high durability factor, need minimum maintenance, and add to the aesthetic value of their home. Sambhavi Solutions windows have ventured into the manufacture of UPVC windows and doors to meet the demands of high performance windows of their clients.

As a fast growing UPVC window supplier, they are focused on meeting the growing demand in the building sector for best quality windows and doors. The company has tied up with reputed European and Asian pioneer companies to ensure their customers get the best UPVC sliding windows at highly competitive prices.

UPVC sliding windows from Green Home Solution are space efficient and ideal for projects with space constraints. The window comes with a unique sliding adapter for insect screen. Its unique sealing mechanism comprising of a thick strip of wool pile between all sashes helps in keeping pollutants and insects out.

A special locking mechanism reinforced with anti lift locks prevents the windows from being opened from outside. Interlocks between all the panels restrict the entry of pollutants and insects. Customer can also opt for the bug screen as an additional accessory.

The company has a team of trained and professional UPVC window installers. They work closely with clients from the planning to execution stage with each window manufactured to millimeter precision and installed to perfection. The windows are available in a variety of designs with the option to choose double security glass windows for added protection. The window systems are available in a wide range of colors.

About Sambhavi Solutions

Sambhavi Solutions is a key player in turnkey interior projects. They are a reputed office and commercial furniture manufacturer. As a UPVC sliding window suppler, their products are marketed under the Green Home Solution. To know more about the top UPVC sliding window supplier and their products, visit http://www.sambhavisolutions.com

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