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With the technological advancement, it is extremely essential for advertiser to identify a potential prospect or targeted audience. With the advent of online classified advertising, the advertisers i.e. dealers or individual are able to reach bigger hub of targeted audience with minimal cost or free.

With adopting these technological advancement, the marketing methods are shifting from traditional to digital channels such as mobile, iPad etc in order to attract, acquire, engage, and retain targeted audience. The online advertising market has been gaining high traction by several industries. The biggest reason of this traction is the increasing rate of Internet and smartphone users as the utility of these devices is not limited to calling and messaging but some advanced featured like mobile shopping, mobile payments and others.

According to a report published in November 2014 – “The overall mobile marketing market size is expected to grow from $4,314.5 million in 2014 to $15,287.4 million in 2019, at an estimated CAGR of 28.8%.”

The online classified advertising is becoming the third-largest Internet advertising channel based on the revenue generated by Mobile Internet advertising globally. The mobile devices offer advertisers a great opportunity to deliver the best positive user experience at any specific time by displaying the right combination of data-insights and content with mobile marketing channels.

In Asia Pacific, India is the fastest growing Smartphone Markets and the majority of the userbase in India is migrated to smartphones from feature phones. According to a report, India will be holding 10.3% smartphone market share globally by 2017. The research revealed that more than 60% smartphone users fall under the age group of 21-40 which is the potential targeted audience for online advertisers. Due to this increasing mobile marketing market size in India, the classified websites are moving on mobile platform as smartphone is making easy to place the ads with phone. Even OLX, one of the largest classified in India adopted the tagline – “Make your phone a Sell phone.” and CEO of OLX has already claimed that 80% of their traffic is coming from mobile devices.

TheGoodDeal.in, the third largest and fastest growing classified website in India launched in 2014, was built with responsive technology for its mobile users and in last six months, 19% its new users traffic is coming from mobile which indicates that becoming mobile friendly is an essential key-element for the classified websites in India.

Also, soon you will be able to enjoy the possibility to post ads and make secure purchases anywhere with its mobile app. The TheGoodDeal.in Mobile application allows you to take photos of your items for sale from your mobile phone and insert them in your ad.

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