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Some media events under city lights, and all deeds of previous looters have gone for a holy twist, welcome the “peepli hide mirch masala”. Those chors, their whitish breeds and allies occupying democracy houses are directly responsible for suicide or murder of millions of such poor slaved humans for decades have got together in-time to bash opponents and sell their award winning messiah performances. What an opportunity, paid media traders are taking deep dips in search of priceless pearls or may even be storytelling to help producers with next bollywood crushing buster. It will not be a surprise if even chor bhakt family members of such daring souls sell sensation along with our great media monks and cinematic gods.

A land bill, farm pill or whatever, the public resources gathered by tax collectors from common citizens never reaches the needy, period. Most reform laws / ministerial daring are to somehow protect its neta-chaap winners in mid-way, smartly!

Why not acquire land from accidental rich landlords (so-called masked farmers) by force which they’ve not earned in the first place anyway and leave the poor farmers alone under-developed as per pro-capitalist / mobile APPified ideas force-fed by smart tech jerks? Yes, we live a world of zero-sums and elitist propaganda of rights / wrongs. Benchmark of development, success or growth is not same for all – so its time to abandon populists and learn the real mantras in recognizing diversity and working of human brains, our inherited genes, much beyond bookish and systemic media-driven genocides.

Revolts and protests by poor farmers and workers feeding the PR machinery of political mafia and corporate media’s newsroom chit chats. How fortunate are we the 100 billion+ followers? We are really living in a democracy lead by a few thousand hardcore robin-hood cronies – #jaijugaad maharaja and prince chaplusi groups revolving in sync like the universe and time!

Rest assured, the real killers will soon be found and populated using powerful net neutral viral networks – care to digest with some compromise pills, remember to re-vote those “selfie nationalist brands” on time and live well fighting the digital Covid99 genie replacing traditional Bollywood / Hollywood / Bhaktwood entertainment – streaming its news-item movies starring similar celebrities and taking full advantage of strategic lock-down times.

10 thoughts on “Powerful cronies & media allies invading democracy houses vs expendable farmers revolt – Kya Maal hai, कमाल ka viral धंदा

  1. Very sad for Shri Arnab ji, how and why this “great media person” got arrested in a filmy-style despite being cozy with current rulers, serving practical state vs state recipes for their thumping wins everywhere? Also why only blame this poor @republic CAN of media newbie? Demand more wisdom about the authors behind even your democratic learning systems #NationalEducationDay

  2. Citizen-funded telecom firms are losing their wired subscriber base to new private 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G smarties. From their govt secure jobs plus private jugaad, the top executives of BSNL / MTNL proudly announce loss of thousands of crores of public money. The subscriber base has eroded from 3 crores in 2008, to around 80 lakh in July 2020. MTNL’s fixed line customers are down from 35 lakh in November 2008, to 30 lakh in July 2020. Now they are ready to beg / borrow (fancy sovereign guarantee bonds) and proudly consume that for few more years.

  3. This week, 450 public financial institutions are meeting to discuss COVID recovery and the climate crisis. These institutions control trillions of dollars in public money, and they continue pouring our money into dirty fossil fuel projects.

    We have an opportunity to change that. The meeting called “Finance in Common” is happening online. If hundreds of us take over the official summit hashtag with tweets asking for an end to fossil fuel finance, it will affect their public image, their media coverage, and could push them to start seriously acting on the climate crisis.

  4. APPfied services dictate what we watch, surveil us while we watch it, and through it all, make use of digital restrictions to keep viewers helpless lab rats and unable to exert meaningful control on how they choose to experience social issues, real trends, useful technology, entertainment, news, television and education.

  5. Financial institutions are meeting to discuss AI and the new bucks. These institutions control trillions of dollars in public money, and they continue pouring our money into dirty projects everyday while economic justice for commoners is either under delusion or shamelessly denied.

  6. Difference between ideal vs practical life, equals social industry vs capital pimping. Both basic cultures! Whether FarmersProtest in 2099, Chant Ram Ram being forced to Suicide or smartly Murdered, all oppressed masses of today’s mutated Kaal must digest “Jiski laathi uski bhains – जिसकी लाठी उसकी भैंस” till the end game of infinite गणित..

  7. Corporate Social Media & Apps Inc are still approaching issues from the wrong end for bumper ROI. It’s fashionable to use machine learning, data mining & AI for everything in Silicon Valley, and so they’re going to be doing sentiment analysis etc.. when in reality you just need human moderators and natural solutions. Some non-bots, where users can talk to, who can understand NOT just analyze a context. Where millions of people are huddled together under one rule, but natural for real social media, where servers are small and have their own admins. Social Media owned and managed by newly digitized cronies are NOT public utilities. This will never change. And every post or troll complaining about it simply makes their quarterly report look even more better!

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