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May 20, 2015: Traditionally hand-made spice is the stylish and the most innovative way to store the spices of your kitchen. Exclusively hand made by artist sans and craftsman the spice boxes require minute detailing in relation to design and display. It is made of hard wood that has been treated with wood finishes which prevents damage due to moisture or termites. The frame could be square, rectangular, pyramid or in step pattern. The choice of the drawer depends upon your need or requirement. Each drawer is made of ceramic with hand painted designs in the form of spring flowers or geometrical patterns. The colours used in the ceramic drawer are subtle and can match any kind of interiors. The is the spice box is the right way to store the spices.

As each spice has a distinct drawer there is no confusion while preparing food. If you have more than the standard set of spices then there is the choice of multi drawer Spice boxes. The spice boxes are in an elongated shape and hence require less space on the Kitchen slab. The beautiful hand painted spices is very easy to clean you can either wash the drawer with soap or water or you can simply wipe the drawer with a clean cloth. The other great advantage of storing in a spice box is that the spices do not spoil in the drawer even if it is kept for a long period of time. Who said that the spice box is only to store spices? It can also store trinkets or jewellery pieces like earrings, toe ring, clips or band and can also be kept on the dining table filled with salt and pepper to add the additional spice to your life.

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