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Swing Basics incorporates best practices of how the human anatomy is positioned for proper functionality and injury free execution within ranges of motion. ♦One of our absolute requisites at setup is “FOVEAL VISION” –

Is the central vision of your eyes and we want the centre of your eyes looking directly at the ball. All pros have Foveal Vision.

DO NOT hold your chin up as has been prescribed by many. This causes you to look at the ball with peripheral vision from the bottom of your eye sockets and causes you to turn your shoulders too flat.

A proper spine setup at address position is flexed forward, towards the ball. Your spine SHOULD NOT be in a straight line but is relatively straight towards the bottom & should curve forward slightly, or tilt progressively more from bottom to top, so that your neck is angled more towards the ball in comparison to your lower back at address. This ensures FOVEAL VISION.

The scapulas must be fully PROTRACTED (pushed forward) and DEPRESSED. ( check photos)

The much dreaded S – curve which is the extended spine at setup will Hyper-extend the spine during backswing restricting the amount of rotation available. This is also a major concern for injury with an already extended spine going further into hyper extension.

Extending the spine at setup also creates excessive anterior tilt in the hips and the spine loses its normal THORACIC and LUMBAR curves.

The SCAPULAS get RETRACTED and reduces the amount of forward shoulder bend making rounding the shoulders impossible. This promotes Peripheral Vision –

This also Makes FOVEAL vision

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